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Last time, we brought to you a bit of a bad news this side of jailbreaking, as the domain that hosts one of the most popular and easiest jailbreak tool to use was sold to a new owner. We are of course talking about JailbreakMe 3.0. To those who were dismayed by the news, don't fret because is back in full action. is Back
While famed developer and now a full-time Apple employee Comex does made all the exploits that was used in JailbreakMe, the domain that was hosting it belongs to a different person. And now that Comex is out of the jailbreak scene due to this employment in Apple, that person thought that he might as well sold the domain from some cash. And so for a brief moment we thought was dead but now it has been brought back to life by no other than Jay Freeman also known popularly known as Saurik.
Jay Saurik Freeman
Back in our previous report, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team warned jailbreakers to stay away from because it makes a perfect home for malwares and viruses. But now it seems that warning is no longer applicable because the domain is now in capable and trustworthy hands. As he learned about the fate that the domain of JailbreakMe suffered, Saurik took the liberty to talk to the new owner of the website (which for a brief period was turned into a Steve Jobs tribute). According to Saurik, the new owner was actually a very pleasant fellow and after presumably a couple of discussions, JailbreakMe is now transferred to Saurik.
Saurik Tweet JailbreakMe 1
Saurik Tweet JailbreakMe 2
You heard that right folks, is now back and it is not going anywhere. If you have no idea who Jay "Saurik" Freeman is then it is either you have not dabbled in jailbreaking or you need to brush up on your jailbreaking "who's who?". Even if you are not familiar with Saurik we are sure that you have heard about one of most important and prominent program. Saurik is of course the father of Cydia, the central application of all the jailbreak methods and is home to thousands of tweaks and apps that jailbreak fans can install. In addition to that he is also the author of popular iOS theming platform called Winterboard and MobileSubstrate. So would there be a more trustworthy person to host the JailbreakMe exploit than the creator of Cydia himself?

So there you go folks, there is no need to worry anymore. JailbreakMe is now in good hands. Although it was supposedly going to be transferred to a new domain managed by MuscleNerd, we have to admit that Jailbreaks.Me does not have the same nice ring as JailbreakMe.

As you all know, iOS 5 is due for public release in just a few days and this would make Comex's tool obsolete once a new untethered jailbreak is made for the platform. A jailbreak fan can only hope that the convenience that the JailbreakMe tool brings will also be accessible once iOS 5 becomes available.

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