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iPhone 4S Assistant Siri: To be Ported to iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4G by Jailbreak Hackers?

If you have been paying attention to the news regarding the tech industry, then you might be aware that earlier this week an obscure little thing called the iPhone 4S was announced by Apple during its "Let's Talk iPhone" event. While some of the announcements about the new iPhone's features like the improved 8 megapixel and the A5 Dual Core Processor were rather expected, one particular feature stood out that certainly grabbed everyone's attention when it was demonstrated. The iPhone 4S's Intelligent Assistant, Siri.

Siri iPhone 4S Assistant
In case you missed Siri when we talked about it on our featured iPhone 4S write-up, it is enhanced speech-controlled artificial intelligence that is baked right into the new iPhone. It is essentially a personal secretary that is always accessible right through your iPhone. From getting a weather report, checking and replying to messages, looking up a term in an online dictionary, checking your calendar for events or appointments and many more, Siri can handle them for you without even touching your iPhone. But if there's one thing that you need to know about Siri, it is the fact that it is exclusive for the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.
iPhone Siri Assistant
But there may be a glint of hope for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G users because the jailbreak community is looking to port Siri and have it work on older devices. According to a theory, all the gears and trappings that make Siri work should be hidden deep into the iOS 5 but the jailbreak hackers are not yet sure if Siri would be requiring certain hardware requirements that can only be found on the iPhone 4S. Here's the error screen which is currently where the hackers are stuck for the meantime:
Siri iPhone 4 iPod touch 4G port Error
In a Skype conversation, famed jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w revealed that the process is not as easy as it looks:

It's definitely not just a plist value that you have to change in order to get Siri. Thus far, it has required a lot of searching and digging. After sending all the known information to John, I'm beginning to find that it is much harder than expected. We're using an iPod touch 4G now but our aim is to port it to all devices that Apple won't support. At this point, we're unsure of whether Siri requires certain hardware components or not. At this point, we can't say but are still trying. After buying the iPhone 4S myself, I will be looking to see if there are any new files that are not available on the current iOS 5 version. This might be our stopping point.

Well this is definitely exciting news for those who are not planning to get the iPhone 4S and want to try this new feature from Apple. One can imagine that once the iPhone 4S is finally released on October 14th, the team that's working on this project will finally be able to tell if the project is worthy continuing or not. [via ModMyi]

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    Oliver10 years ago

    When will the jailbreak be released for iso 5 for ipod touch 4g will it include siri?

      Pramod10 years ago

      No ETAs on the iOS 5 JB.
      SIRI will definitely not be included into the JB until a low level iBoot / bootrom exploit is public for the iP4S / A5 processor.

    Mason10 years ago

    The GM has been released and there is a jailbreak for it. It will be released October 12 so Apple can’t patch it

      Pramod10 years ago

      The iOS 5 GM is still a tethered JB & Apple can’t patch a tethered JB whatsoever. Its a totally different type of JB that comes with its own downfalls.

    A.I10 years ago

    Hey Guys.
    I Know Abut It Alot But I Just Want To Know Three Things …
    On 12 October Newest iOS Version Will Come Out And We Update Our Firmwares.
    So Is There Any Jailbreak For iOS 5 ?
    And Is There Any SHSH Blob Files for it ? We May Crash Our iDevices…
    If Yes, Then How Can We Get Them ?
    Plz Answe Me So Soon As You Can Do !
    Thank You ;)

      Pramod10 years ago

      iOS 5 isn’t even public to answer your JB related queries. As of now, its a tethered JB & you really can’t expect a JB for it when it isn’t even not yet released. :S
      For SHSH, once again iOS 5 needs to go public in order to save them.