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IntelliscreenX Beta Now Available in Cydia, Download Now [Jailbreak App]

Earlier this month, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have been able to play around with Apple's most advanced operating system yet, the iOS 5. And with the release of a new mobile operating system, you can trust that the jailbreak community will be up to the task to bring us a plethora of tweaks and apps that will take advantage of iOS 5's new features. Less than two weeks ago, we gave you a heads-up that Intelliborn's popular jailbreak app called Intelliscreen will make its way into the iOS 5, and this time it will be called IntelliscreenX.

As mentioned in our previous report, Intelliscreen is a jailbreak app that lets users access all kinds of useful things from the iOS lockscreen. This includes notifications, weather and also downloadable widgets which means that you do not have to dig deep into the iOS just to access a certain function. Now IntelliscreenX pretty much does the exact same thing but it was updated by the developers not only to make it work in iOS 5 but also to further integrate the app into the system.
IntelliscreenX Screenshots
And now Intelliborn has finally released a public beta of IntelliscreenX so jailbreak fans can give it a spin and maybe even provide some useful feedbacks for the developers. The app is currently hosted on their own private repository but it will eventually be hosted in ModMyi. Again this is a free beta and is open to all users who owns devices that runs iOS 5. Just add the following repository in Cydia:

After adding the repo, just search for IntelliscreenX within Cydia and you should be able to find it. Again, this is a beta so it is not guaranteed to work flawlessly. And since by installing this technically makes you a beta tester, feedbacks, suggestions and reports on potential bugs and issues are highly encouraged. You can contact Intelliborn through their Twitter account for any of the above.
IntelliscreenX Screenshots 2
We have installed and tried IntelliscreenX and it is safe to say that this jailbreak app has a good chance of becoming a must have for devices that are jailbroken on iOS 5. It works quite well as advertised and we can really see a lot of potential use for this app. IntelliscreenX will be priced at $9.99 in Cydia which certainly leans toward the expensive side. So if you are curious if this app is worth the high asking price, then you should download the beta for FREE. Those who have bought Intelliscreen before will be given a discount when upgrading to IntelliscreenX. However those who have bought Intelliscreen for the last 30 days will be able to upgrade for FREE.

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