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IntelliscreenX: Access iOS 5 Notification Center & All Its Widgets From The Lockscreen [Cydia App]

One of the best benefits of jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is the ability to custom fit the iOS platform to your personal preferences. In other words, sheer customization. There is no doubt that the iTunes App Store have plenty enough apps for the most basic users, with a jailbreak tweak or app, it can completely change the feel of the device's operating system. Today we will be presenting to you a jailbreak app that will surely be a hit among jailbreak fans.

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If you have been a jailbreak fan for quite some time now, there's a high probability that you have heard of Intelliscreen. It is a Cydia app made by Intelliborn responsible for jailbreak utilities like MyWi and My3G. Intelliscreen is an app that enables the user to place all sorts of useful things on the iPhone's lockscreen like the weather, notifications, and even downloadable widgets. And now it seems that the developers are porting an all-new improved version of Intelliscreen to the iOS 5, dubbed IntelliscreenX. Check out the teaser made by the developers below:

As you can see, IntelliscreenX has been revamped and now integrated into the iOS 5. As you all know, the Notification Center is one of the main new features of iOS 5, and the developers were able to integrate it with IntelliscreenX. Now with this new revamped version, you will now be able to access the Notification Center straight from the lockscreen, along with all of your installed widgets such as SBSettings, PowerCenter, WeeRadio, MusicCenter, WidgetTask, and OmniStat. Since IntelliscreenX works from the Notification Center, you are assured that all widgets will work with it. Now you do not have to dig deeper into your iDevice just to access your notifications. Simply convenient.
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Another noteworthy feature of IntelliscreenX is the presence of what appears to be super widgets on the main display. These widgets are Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed and even an Email Reader which enables you to read and manage your emails from the lockscreen. The same is through with Facebook and Twitter. You can like, comment or update your status or make a quick tweet right from your iPhone's lockscreen.
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If you think IntelliscreenX works only from the lockscreen, then think again. Actually, IntelliscreenX can be accessed wherever Notification Center can be accessed, which means pretty much anywhere inside the iOS. You simply need to swipe to the left or right to call IntelliscreenX.

As you can see, IntelliscreenX is a very exciting jailbreak app that will likely go down as one of the must have jailbreak apps for the iOS 5. As of now, Intelliborn is planning to release a beta this week and they're hoping that they could bring the full version in Cydia the week after. Intelliscreen costs $9.99 in Cydia, so the pricing for IntelliscreenX should be similar. If you have bought Intelliscreen and want to upgrade, you will need to pay a fee of $7.99. If you happen to have bought Intelliscreen since 30 days or less from now, then the upgrade will be free. [via ModMyi]

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    Rayz9 years, 12 months ago

    Thank God for the beta version.. omg i JB-ed my phone soon i found out theres a new version for intelliscreen. it Does look awesome!

    anyway, does anyone know how to included the sbsettings widget in the intelliscreen X?

    tohottie10 years ago

    So,when’s it coming to cydia?? Ive been checking.

      Pramod10 years ago

      No ETAs on the final version. The beta will arrive this week on Cydia.

    Tgoss10 years ago


    Dan10 years ago

    Pretty excited for this. Since upgrading to ios5, I already miss my “lockinfo” app under the jailbreak. This looks great.