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InstaTweet: Instantly Post to Twitter on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch on iOS 5 [iTunes Link]

There is no doubt that we currently live in a very social world, with social networks being the core of our daily activities. The continued rise to popularity of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter is one of the testaments that the social media phenomenon is not going away anytime soon. And of course, the reach of social media has extended way beyond our computers and laptops and is now flourishing in our smartphones. With that said, we have an iOS app that Twitter enthusiasts will surely appreciate.

InstaTweet Logo
The app in question is called InstaTweet, a no-nonsense application from the iTunes App Store that's designed to enable users to quickly tweet, as its name implies. Basically what InstaTweet does is to let you compose a Tweet right after you have accessed the application. By default, when opening an app, you will still need to find the necessary functions which can be quite cumbersome if you simply want to fire a quick tweet. Take note that this application is only for the iOS 5 because it actually takes advantage of the system's deep Twitter integration. It works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.
InstaTweet Screenshots
While it indeed works well and should be enough for the most basic user, we feel that the app is somehow lacking. First, if they really wanted to make it even quicker to access the app, it should be accessible from the Notification Center or atleast can be activated through an Activator gesture. But such limitations can be attributed to the fact that it is after all a non-jailbreak app.

Fortunately the app is quite reasonably priced at $0.99. Basic Twitter users should find InstaTweet to be sufficient but for power users, you might want to look elsewhere. Again, this is an iOS 5 compatible app only, so needless to say, you need a device running iOS 5 in order to use InstaTweet.

Buy InstaTweet from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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