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Quick Tip: Improve Your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch’s Battery Life on iOS 5

As you may already know, the iPhone 4S is already out in the open for everyone to enjoy and based on its record breaking sales, it looks like Apple has another winner on their hands. But based on some recent complaints from customers, the iPhone 4S is not without its issues. One of the main complaints about the iPhone 4S is the seemingly degraded battery life. But a new tip was brought to our attention that may help in improving the iPhone 4S's battery life.

iPhone 4S
It seems that a certain feature found in iOS 5 is causing rapid battery consumption even if the device is on standby mode. The culprit is the "Setting Time Zone" option which is a new feature that's found only in iOS 5. According to the folks over at iDownloadBlog, switching it OFF reportedly will improve the battery life of iDevices. As it turns out, the "Setting Time Zone" function tracks constantly instead of periodically which continues to consume battery even while the device is idle. To disable "Setting Time Zone", just navigate to Settings > Location Services > System Services (scroll down at the bottom of the screen) and switch it OFF.
iPhone Setting Time Zone
It has been thoroughly tested and the battery time was even compared between two configurations, one has "Setting Time Zone" enabled and for the other one it was disabled. Check out the screenshots below:
iPhone Battery Life Comparison
In a previous report, Apple is said to be investigating the cause of the iPhone 4S's degraded battery life as compared to the iPhone 4. Now, we are not too sure if this is indeed the culprit but based on the comments of many users, it seems that it indeed helps in improving battery consumption. The only drawback of disabling the "Setting Time Zone" option is that your time will reset itself in the instance that you cross into another time zone. A very negligible drawback considering the advantage of extending your device's battery life. [Source: iDownloadBlog via ModMyi]

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