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Google Updates Gmail, Will Be Getting a Fresh New Look [VIDEO]

If you have noticed for a past couple of months, the search engine giant Google has been quite busy in rebranding most of its web applications by giving them a brand new design. It is no secret that Gmail is one of the more popular email client due to its no non-sense approach and minimalistic design. And now based on this leaked video, it seems that Google is planning to give Gmail a fresh coat of paint.

Apparently, the video that we are about to show you isn't meant for the public eyes yet. But it seems that someone from Google's YouTube account uploaded it into channel but the search engine giant was quick to take down the video. The video depicts the changes that will be implemented to Google's mail client, Gmail. Fortunately, a YouTube user named crlsndrsjmnz managed to snatch the video before it was taken down and consequently made a mirror. Check out the video below:

As you can see from the above video, Google completely redesigned the look and feel of Gmail. Based on the video, the signature simple and clean look of Gmail still remains intact but still manages to be intuitive. Another neat feature is that Gmail adapts to the size of the window. So even if you are not using a maximized window, you can navigate Gmail properly with minimal scrolling. The display density of the mail interface can be configured as well with three main settings: Comfortable, Cozy and Compact. In addition to that, you will be able to resize the area of the labels and chat based on your needs. For those who love themes, you will be pleased to know that the mail themes does take advantage of the new look. Google has updated their collection of themes and it now features high definition images.
Gmail New Look
Google is also updating  the conversations in Gmail in order to improve readability and to give it a more natural feel. They will also be adding profile pictures in order for users to identify who said what making it more like a social networking website such as Facebook. Aside from that, Google will also furthermore refine Gmail's search feature as they have made it more accessible and added more control in terms of filters.

There were no given release dates yet but seeing that the "leaked" video appeared to be quite official, we can only assume that the new design will be rolled out soon enough. It would be interesting to see just how users will respond to Gmail's new design. Will they love the new feature? Or will they treat it as a desecration to the classic Gmail we all know and love?

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