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Factory Unlocked, Contract-Free iPhone 4S Units Now Available in Select Apple Stores

As you all probably know, the iPhone 4S became officially available last Friday and it was no doubt another hit product from the Cupertino company. But the units that went on sale was of course, the subsidized ones that came with a 2-year contract from either AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless. Now a report just came in that Apple has already started selling contract-free, factory unlocked iPhone 4S in some of their stores in the U.S.

iPhone 4S
The report came from 9to5Mac stating that unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S units are now available in select Apple Stores in the United States. This is despite the fact that the fruit company said that they will begin selling unlocked units in November. This was confirmed by Steven Troughton-Smith (yes, the same guy responsible for porting Siri to the iPhone 4) as he was able to purchase the said unlocked iPhone 4S unit.

After purchasing, the user simply needs to activate the iPhone 4S by plugging it into a computer and launching iTunes. Once it has been plugged in, a pop-up will appear indicating that the iPhone 4S has been unlocked. According to 9to5Mac, Troughton-Smith's unlocked unit was able connect to T-Mobile's EDGE network via an O2 SIM-card on roaming. The factory unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S unit comes with an included AT&T SIM card which can be easily removed.
Unlocked iPhone 4S
If you are someone from the United States who have been clamoring for an unlocked iPhone 4S, then this would be the time to check on the Apple Store nearest to you. Keep in mind that this is only for select Apple Stores. So the store in your area may or may not have factory unlocked units available. But we suspect that they will eventually become available all across the States. And if you really want to get your hands on them, then expect to pay much higher than the units that come with contracts. These special iPhone 4S are available in 16GB ($649), 32GB ($749) and 64GB ($849).

As you can see the prices are quite steep, so for those who are living in the U.S., they might as well opt for the carrier subsidized units. But if you are someone who travels internationally a lot or someone who's planning to take their iPhone to another country, then you could definitely use an unlocked iPhone 4S unit.

The iPhone 4S is the latest smartphone offering from the Cupertino giant which is a souped-up version of the old iPhone 4. According to the company, it is their most successful iPhone launch yet and there is no doubt that the demands are sky-high. [via 9to5Mac]

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    Minh Bui10 years ago

    is any iphone 4S UNLOCKED by nature? or just certain IP4S?
    if I buy a ip4s from a sutomer of ATT then will it work for Tmobile?
    Do I need to do trick to unlock it worthwide?
    I heard that IP4S doesnt have 3G button ON? will that affect the Tmobile connection?


      Pramod10 years ago

      If by nature you mean factory unlocked, then Yes. Apple does sell them on a reservation basis is select US Apple Stores only. It will be available internationally by the month of November.
      No, it will not because your device is carrier locked to AT&T & its really too early to tell even if its possible to unlock the iP4S when even a JB isn’t out just yet.
      The iP4S hardware doesn’t support the T-Mobile 3G frequencies. So, unfortunately only EDGE is going to work on T-Mobile.