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Download Facebook Messenger 1.5 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch [iTunes Link]

It is no secret that the official Facebook app for the iOS is one of the most popular offering in the App Store. That is taking into account the popularity of Facebook itself as a social network and the fact that the application is available in the App Store since day one. Probably one of the most frequently used feature of the Facebook app is the ability to instant message your friends. This is why the social networking behemoth felt the need to release a separate app back in August dedicated to instant messaging called Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger is the first ever standalone app that the social networking behemoth has released. The official Facebook app while definitely popular among iOS users, the feedbacks garnered by the app says otherwise. Constant crashes, poor performance, posting problems and plenty of bugs are just some of the many problems cited by users. And these problems might have prompted Zuckerberg and Co. to release this standalone app dedicated to instant messaging.

In this update of Facebook Messenger dubbed as version 1.5, users can now expect a vastly improved application as this is an update for performance enhancement, which is never a bad thing. In addition to that, the update was also to make sure compatibility with Apple's latest mobile operating system, the iOS 5. Other additions include the ability to see which users are using the desktop or mobile version. It is worth mentioning that Facebook Messenger is also available for Android and the BlackBerry product range.
For those who haven't used the app yet you might be asking, why should you install a standalone app when you already have the Facebook mobile app? Well, the main draw of the app is to be able to easily and quickly message your Facebook friends. The application is streamlined so that it caters better to the IM feature. Once you have logged into the app, you will be presented with your Facebook and Address Book contacts whom you can instantly send a message to. You can even send SMS messages granted that your recipient matches the number that's found on his or her Facebook account. If that's not enough, you can also send text messages to multiple contacts at once.

If you are using Facebook mainly to chat with your friends, then installing Facebook Messenger is a no brainer. This is espcially true if you dread using the official Facebook app. You can update the app through iTunes or you can go ahead and download the app from the iTunes link provided below.

Download Facebook Messenger app from the iTunes App Store.

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