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Download Adobe Reader for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [iTunes Link]

It is no secret that Apple and Adobe does not exactly have an A-OK relationship. And this most likely can be attributed to the fact that the Cupertino company continues to omit Adobe's Flash technology for the iOS platform. And if you have been an iOS user for the better part of its existence, then you'll know that one of Adobe's most popular product, Adobe Reader is also strangely missing considering the abundance of PDF readers on the platform. Well, that is until now.

Adobe Reader Logo
Adobe just released its popular PDF reader application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This free app is expected to have all the bells and whistles of the standard PDF reader such as the ability to open PDF files straight from your email, view PDF portfolios and packages, open and view encrypted PDF files and supports the highest grade of PDF encryption. Aside from that, users will be able to freely interact with PDF files. With Adobe reader, one can search the file itself for a specific info, use bookmarks, use the zoom-in feature for a closer view, use PDF thumbnails for quick navigation and so on.
Adobe Reader iOS Screenshots 1
As you can see, Adobe Reader for the iOS doesn't exactly come across as something remarkable. It is a pretty standard PDF reader with standard features. But if you are someone who's looking for a reliable PDF reader that pretty much everyone is familiar with, then you can't really go wrong with Adobe Reader for iOS. We have tested the app and it works great just as expected, but just don't expect to be blown away.
Adobe Reader iOS Screenshots 2
As mentioned before, the iOS platform is not exactly lacking when it comes to PDF readers. Aside from the numerous third-party apps found in the App Store, Apple has also ported their productivity suite iWork to the iPhone. So one can say that Adobe is definitely late for the party. But more options is always a good thing for all users. Adobe Reader for iOS is compatible with all devices but you will need a minimum of iOS 4.2.5 or later to be able to install it.

Download Adobe Reader for iOS through the iTunes App Store.

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