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Crime-Focused Facebook Game Mafia Wars Gets a Sequel, Zynga Reveals New Details

As far as Facebook games go, it is hard to be engaged in social networking games without coming across the name Zynga. They are after all, the developers of some of the biggest Facebook games as of late such as the super popular farm simulation game FarmVille, the scrabble game with a twist Words with Friends and the gangster / mafia themed game called Mafia Wars. Zynga is no doubt one of the big shots when it comes to Facebook gaming. And now, fans of the popular gangster simulation game Mafia Wars will surely be excited as Zynga announces its sequel.

Mafia Wars 2 Logo
Yesterday, the social gaming giant announced and revealed new details about its up and coming crime focused social game called Mafia Wars 2. The original game was launched back in 2008 and it enabled players to build their own criminal dynasties, go on a crime spree and collaborate with Facebook friends in order to take down other mafia crews or mob bosses, acquire more weapons, bodyguards and cars, run illegal businesses and complete various jobs. Ever since then, Mafia Wars have expanded considerably with Zynga introducing new locales such as Cuba, Moscow, Las Vegas, Italy, Chicago and lastly Brazil.
Mafia Wars 2 Screenshots
Mafia Wars 2 Screenshots2
Mafia Wars 2 is actually Zynga's first attempt to create a direct sequel to one of its games. And from the looks of it, Zynga is set to introduce a deeper gameplay mechanic for Mafia Wars 2 but still keeping the crime-ridden world feel and immersive storylines from the original game. The objective is pretty much similar here because you will need to round up your virtual mafia crew via your Facebook friends in order to earn cash to buy weapons and vehicles, building your own casino and performing jobs to earn more cash. But the similarity ends there because Mafia Wars 2 is going to introduce a expansive and in-depth gameplay which is both more combative and violent. Zynga have been working hard in order to give this game a more edgy feel. Just check out this trailer for the game for instance:

Zynga is set to make Mafia Wars 2 to be one of the most customization-heavy game that they have ever released. At launch, players will be able to access more than 300 different kinds of weapons, armor and vehicles which they will be able to use against battling other mafia families. And with over 600 pieces of clothing available, players will be able to outfit their avatars with up to million unique looks. Players will also be able to travel across many locations such as Granite Square, Casino Row, Neon Strip, Bluebird Meadows and many more. New shade characters will be introduced but it is said that old characters from the original game is set to make an appearance as well.

Mafia Wars is one of Zynga's first ever titles with over 4 million monthly active users. This actually pales in comparison with other Zynga games such as CityVille that has over 71 million monthly active users. So by making a direct sequel to the original game, this might be the social gaming giant's attempt to revitalize the franchise and to invite more players in. From the looks of things, the gameplay indeed seem to be largely different (with a new 2D isometric view), looks better with the new graphics and the focus on combat should help in bringing renewed interest into the Mafia Wars franchise. Reportedly, Mafia Wars 2 will be coming to the Android and iOS as well. Mafia Wars 2 is set for release in the next few weeks. [via TechCrunch]

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