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Apple Will Begin Production of iPad 3 By the End of This Year

If you have been paying attention to the news headlines concerning the tech world lately, then you will probably see a lot them involves Apple's newest handset, the iPhone 4S. But what about Apple's other products? Well, a report just came in that indicates that Apple's next tablet, the iPad 3 will be hitting the production line before the end of 2011.

iPad 3
The report came straight from Boy Genius Report, which relates that an analyst from Susquehanna Financial Group named Jeffrey Fidacaro predicted that the third-generation iPad will enter production phase before the end of the year. According to Fidacaro, Apple's partners who are responsible for manufacturing have received orders of as many as 1 million iPad 3 units for the fourth quarter of 2011. This is in line with an earlier note from Fidacaro's colleague at Susquehanna named Christopher Caso which states, “Our checks indicate that iPad 3 has now shown up on AAPL’s production forecast for a late-4Q production start”. Caso believes that the 0.6 mln-1 mln units are forecasted for 4th quarter production.

Another tidbit that's worth noting about this report is that BGR is speculating that Apple might introduce an entry level iPad for the first quarter of 2012. The entry level iPad is speculated to have the designation of "mini". According to BGR, the entry level iPad may not necessarily a smaller device as the name suggest but instead it will be referred to as such due to its speculated price tag of $200. And after that, that is when Apple will introduce the true successor to the iPad 2 by second quarter next year.

We just got off the rumor barrage that came with the iPhone 4S's launch but now it seems that it’s the iPad 3's turn to stir the rumor pot. Much like the iPad 2 with iPhone 4S, would the iPad 3 provide us some sort of sneak preview of the things that we can expect from the iPhone 5? It is still too early to tell. But it is almost certain that we won't be seeing a new tablet device this year from Apple. Again, these are all analyst predictions, so without any solid source or evidence, one can only take them with a grain of salt. [via BGR]

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