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4G LTE Capable iPhone to be Released by Apple in 2012 [RUMOR]

Remember when we used to get tons of reports regarding rumors, speculations, predictions and leaks regarding the previously expected iPhone 5? It was widely thought that the next iPhone will have a radical new design, bigger screen and all sorts of significant improvements. So when the iPhone 4S was announced earlier this month, many people were disappointed that it wasn't a new redesigned iPhone. One of the most persisting rumors regarding the iPhone 5 is that it will feature 4G LTE.

iPhone 4G LTE
According to a report Taiwan based IT insiders DigiTimes, the competition for the bigger share in the US LTE-enabled smartphone market will become even more competitive in 2012. This is because allegedly, Sprint is planning to launch their own LTE services starting next year according to Taiwan's industry sources. Among smartphone vendors, according to sources, HTC is currently taking up majority of the share with regards to the US 4G segment at 60%.

Currently in the U.S., Verizon is one of the main 4G LTE players with AT&T and Sprint following on its footsteps. With Apple's new iPhone, the iPhone 4S, they decided not to go with an LTE network but instead went with HSPA+ which is capable of "4G like speeds" but still technically a 3G. In a previous report, AT&T have been working with Apple to change the iPhone 4S "3G" label into "4G" and market the device as a 4G capable device.
iPhone 5 Concept Design
And now according to the report, it seems that Apple now find it fitting to look into the prospect of 4G LTE network for the next iteration of the iPhone. Apple, along with other smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia, RIM and Sony Ericsson, is now experimenting with LTE technology. As mentioned before, Sprint is expected to start rolling out its LTE services next year. As for Verizon who already has the technology, both of Apple's CDMA carriers will have already have the LTE services ready for the alleged LTE iPhone 5.

One of the main reasons why Apple refused to implement LTE into the iPhone yet is that it could still not include the feature without affecting the battery life of the device. Which is a known fact amongst LTE capable smartphones. Maybe Apple has finally found a way to offset the battery consumption problem that comes with 4G LTE phones? Again, these are still rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. [via DigiTimes]

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