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Windows 8 Developer Preview was Downloaded More Than 500,000 Times on Day 1

As you all know, Microsoft has finally lifted the veil for their upcoming desktop operating system Windows 8 during the company's keynote presentation at the BUILD conference. After the presentation, as promised, the software giant released the Developer Preview build of Windows 8 to developers who are present at the event. But access to the Windows 8 Developer Preview is not only exclusive to developers because Microsoft has also made this version of Windows available to the masses as well.

Windows 8
In case you miss our other post about the availability of Windows 8 Developer Preview build, yes, even the average Joe can download this version of Windows 8. And as it turns out, it seems that many are quite eager to give Windows 8 Developer Preview a whirl as the download count for the software have exceeded more than 500,000 after only merely a day.
Windows 8 Metro UI
For a high profile company such as Microsoft, it is definitely a nice gesture for them to offer alpha releases of their software product to the general public. In a normal case scenario, alpha builds of software are usually made accessible only to a very limited number of users. Of course, this is to make sure that the software is thoroughly tested and be rid of bugs, glitches and other issues before making it available to the public. For Microsoft to release an alpha version of Windows 8 to the public is both a commendable and gutsy move. It must mean that the software giant is highly confident with Windows 8.

Based from the numerous screenshots and demonstrations of Windows 8, it is clear that the software company is taking a whole new approach to the Windows we all know and love. This is especially true with regards to the user interface which employs Metro style GUI. Other enhancements include an incredibly fast boot time, Xbox Live integration, Ribbon user interface and many more. Windows 8 is definitely not the same Windows that we've come to expect but Microsoft is working real hard to ensure that they will be bring us the best Windows experience yet.
Windows 8 Lockscreen
Hitting half a million downloads in a day is definitely an impressive feat for the software giant's upcoming operating system. You have to take into account that this is just an alpha version of the system and it's looking to be well received by users. Perhaps this could be attributed to the fact that Windows 7 was well received by millions of customers. We just hope Microsoft will be able to maintain the initial interest of those who downloaded a copy of Windows 8.

In case you haven't done yet, you can now download a Developer Preview build of Windows. Just refer to this link and start downloading right away. The download is for free, requires no registration and you will be getting the file straight from Microsofts own servers. Just be sure that you have met the minimum hardware requirements before you installation.

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