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Watch Just How Fast Windows 8’s Boot Times Is, Windows 8 New Feature [Video]

If you are a fan of Windows, then you should be somehow aware that Microsoft is currently hard at work with their follow-up of their highly successful Windows 7 operating system. If anyone can recall, it was rumored that Windows 8 will enter the release to manufacturing (RTM) phase at around April next year. In addition to that, the software giant is said to be releasing a full beta build of its next operating system next week during the BUILD Conference. Microsoft have been constantly revealing new features of Windows 8 and now another new feature has been unveiled that most will surely please Windows users.

Windows 8
Microsoft recognizes that one of the most important feature for a Windows system is the boot time. Which is why the software company is working real hard in order to improve the boot times of Windows 8. Microsoft's Game Aul acknowledges this aspect of Windows and they are taking proper measures to ensure that Windows 8 will have a faster boot time.

Few operations in Windows are as scrutinized, measured, and picked apart as boot. We all know the boot experience is an incredibly important thing for us to get right for customers.

According to Microsoft, about 57% of desktop PC users and around 45% of laptop users shut down their computers instead of putting them into sleep mode. According to the software company, users would rather have their machines completely turned off and consume no power while being idle. What Microsoft is trying to do is to design a Windows 8 boot that will utilize a zero watt power draw when turned off. It will create a new session at boot but only a lot faster. Check out this brief demonstration of just how fast Windows 8's boot time is.

As you can see from the demo video, that is some impressive boot time for the Windows 8. That was approximately 3 to 5 seconds of boot time which is definitely a cool thing to see and definitely will be a lot cooler if implemented properly. The Windows 8 shutdown is designed to close user sessions but hibernate the kernel session. This effectively reduces the amount of data needed for hibernation mode to write to disk. Microsoft has reportedly tested this new feature across many different platform and systems and they were able to have about 30-70% speed improvement with regards to boot time. "It’s faster because resuming the hibernated system session is comparatively less work than doing a full system initialization", says Aul. The software giant claims that this new boot feature will benefit HDD and SSD systems, although with SSD it will be "downright amazing."

This is indeed a good news for fans of Windows who are clamoring for a highly improved operating system. Microsoft will be unveiling Windows 8 and presumably lots of its features during the BUILD Conference which will take place next week. So be sure to stay tuned with us because we will be keeping you posted. [via WinRumors]

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