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Top 10 Games for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – August 2011 Roundup

There is no doubt that iOS gaming has become a new avenue for gamers everywhere to enjoy their beloved hobby. iOS games does not only satisfy the cravings of gamers for pocket-sized entertainment but it also brings new fans into the wonderful world of gaming itself. And now since August has come and went, we will once again provide to you our best and top game recommendations for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch during the last month. So in case you have been slacking off on your iOS gaming lately, this is a good chance for you to catch-up. This is the top 10 best iOS games for the previous month, August 2011.

Best iOS Games

Mega Mall Story (Kairosoft)

Mega Mall Story
Kairosoft is back again with their latest installment for their simulation "Story" series, entitled Mega Mall Story. If you have played Kairosoft's past offerings such as the super addictive Game Dev Story and Pocket Academy, then you'll know exactly what to expect from this title. This time you'll be managing a struggling little strip mall and it is up to you to turn it into a 5 star mega mall. Aside from building up cash to build those extra floors in your mall, you are also in-charge of restocking, maintenance, and any advertising. Being a mall mogul has never been so addictive before.

Buy Mega Mall Story from the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice (Telltale Games)

Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice
Telltale Games is one of the household names when it comes to graphic adventure games, and they are certainly doing a great job of bringing in their forte into iOS gaming. Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice follows the adventures of our crude and vulgar protagonist Hector as he investigates the identity of the terrorist responsible for wreaking havoc in Clapper’s Wreake. As with Episode 1, expect some witty and highly entertaining but decidedly adult humor. If you're a fan of adventure games with great writing and humor, then this game should be an easy buy for you.

Buy Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice from the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Temple Run (Imangi Studios)

Temple Run
When it comes to iOS gaming, definitely one of the most saturated genres is the endless running variety with games like Canabalt and Monster Dash. Temple Run could have easily became a run-of-the-mill endless running game but it managed to distinguish itself by switching to the 3rd person chase view instead of the traditional side-scroller. Although it still allows one-handed gameplay, the controls are much more complex as it requires one to swipe up to jump, down to slide, and left or right to turn. Temple Run does breathe new life into the over-saturated genre of endless running games.

Buy Temple Run from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Pocket RPG (Crescent Moon Games)

Pocket RPG for iPhone
Pocket RPG was released as an iPad exclusive last month and it was only a few days ago when it was released for the iPhone and iPod touch. Pocket RPG is a dungeon crawler that lets you choose from three combat classes: Blade Master, Dark Ranger and Battle Mage. And like most dungeon-crawling adventures, Pocket RPG lets you explore dungeons, face powerful bosses, build-up your character and collect tons of loots. Pocket RPG boasts impressive graphical detail and addictive gameplay. If you have been looking for a game that will tide you over while you wait for Diablo 3, then you should check this one out.

Buy Pocket RPG from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.
Buy Pocket RPG HD from the iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Edge Extended (Mobigame)

Edge Extended for iPhone
It is safe to say that Edge is one of the best games to ever grace the iOS with its design style and simple but truly inventive gameplay. Now it is back with a vengeance and it is better than ever. This follow-up of Mobigame features a new 3D graphic engine specially optimized for Retina display and it runs at a smooth 60 frames per second. Another neat feature of Edge Extended is that it is not only a universal app but it also allows syncing of progress across different iOS devices through Game Center. Definitely a feature that we wish other games will also implement in the future.

Buy Edge Extended from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Contre Jour (Chillingo)

Contre Jour for iPhone
Talk about a lush and gorgeous game, Contre Jour is the latest offering from Chillingo responsible for iOS hits like Cut The Rope and Drawrace. One look at Contre Jour and you'll see some familiar elements from other well-known games. The art is similar to World of Goo and Limbo, music is similar to Braid and works of Yann Tiersen, gameplay mechanic is kind of like Cut the Rope and sometimes even Angry Birds. But don't get us wrong, Contre Jour is in no way a rip-off but it manages to combine familiar elements into one beautiful and cohesive package of a game. This is a high quality game that every iOS gamer should experience.

Buy Contre Jour from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.
Buy Contre Jour HD from the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

iBlast Moki 2 (Godzilab)

iBlast Moki 2 for iPhone
Back in 2009, puzzle fans everywhere were treated to iBlast Moki by Godzilab. And now in a demonstration on how to make a game sequel, Godzilab has released iBlast Moki 2. The basic concept of the game is to guide the cute creatures called Mokis into a portal so you can send them home. It might sound simple at first but as the level progresses, the puzzles become increasingly complex which requires a great deal of creativity and experimentation. If you are looking for a solid physics-based puzzler, then iBlast Moki 2 is an easy recommendation.

Buy iBlast Moki 2  from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth (11 Bit Studios)

Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPhone
Here's a game that belongs to yet another overly saturated genre, tower defense. Fortunately, Anomaly: Warzone Earth is nothing like your typical tower defense game. The game is easiest and best described as tower defense in reverse. Instead of controlling the turrets, you will be controlling the creeps that will be running around each level. This gives you control over which type of creeps to build and deploy and you can also plot the course that they can take. Another notable aspect of this title is the production value which is ridiculously high for tower defense game.

Buy Anomaly: Warzone Earth from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.
Buy Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD from the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

Spy Mouse (Firemint)

Spy Mouse for iPhone
Upon seeing screenshots and gameplay footages of Spy Mouse, one can be quick to write it off as another line-drawing game. But when the game in question is created by the guys who basically invented the genre, then one has to pay attention.  Spy Mouse is the latest offering by Firemint, which is known for their uber-popular Flight Control. It is a line drawing game with a dash of stealth, and it is sure as hell fun to play. The game even throws in a couple of power-ups and hidden areas into the mix in order to keep things interesting. Check out why this game has managed to kick Angry Birds from the top spot.

Buy Spy Mouse from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Jetpack Joyride (Halfbrick Studios)

Jetpack Joyride for iPhone
With games like Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies and Monster Dash under their name, it is hard not to be excited for Halfbrick Studios latest offering, Jetpack Joyride. Yes, this is yet another endless running game for your iOS device but every element of the game has been done so well that you won't mind it at all. From the wide array of power-ups, to the various objectives, the godly amount of customization, to the rock-solid controls, there's just so much to like in this game. This is one of those games that you will have a hard time putting down and will make you mutter to yourself, "just one more try".

Buy Jetpack Joyride from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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