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This Cool Mod Brings the Trademark Glowing Apple Logo of Macbook to Your iPhone [PHOTOS]

There are many things that you  can criticize about Apple products with but when it comes to overall design and aesthetic value, it is hard to deny that they really do stand out. Take for example Apple's Macbook. One of the standout features of the Macbook is its sleek design and the fact that it has a glowing Apple logo every time that the notebook is opened. Whether you're an Apple fan or not, one has to admit that the glowing logo is certainly an eye candy. Now you can finally have a glowing Apple logo in your iPhone with the use of a mod.

Apple Logo
Now with the use of a mod, you will now be able to have the Macbook's trademark glow into your iPhone 4. The mod in question is created by iPatch, a company that's based in UK that specializes in selling and repairing iDevices. Now before you go send your iPhone to them for modding, you have to keep in mind that the service is not yet available. What we have here are basically teaser shots of the mod which shows the iPhone's glowing Apple logo in its back every time that the device screen comes on.
iPhone 4 Glowing Apple Logo Mod
As you can see from the photo, the mod does look, for the lack of a better word, awesome. Now with a mod a such as this, there are understandably a couple of issues raised as to how this mod will affect the device itself. Will the mod add thickness to the iPhone? Since it add illumination, will it affect battery life? Or perhaps will it affect the rear camera usage due to the emitting light? Will the mod cause any sort of heating to the iPhone casing? Those are just some of the valid issues that are raised for the mod's installation.
iPhone 4 Glowing Apple Logo Mod_2
Fortunately, it seems that the iPatch team is already one step ahead and were able to address the potential issues that would occur with the mod's installation. Upon thoroughly testing the modded iPhone 4, the team noticed no noticeable drop in battery performance. And yes, it does not add an extra layer of thickness to the iPhone nor does it cause any light leakage. The camera function is also unaffected whether flash is utilized or not. The mod also does not cause any sort of heating to the iPhone 4's case.

While it does look cool, one caveat is that the mod will likely cost you around £100 (roughly 159 USD) for an installation. Were not quite sure if many will be forking such as amount for a cosmetic enhancement but there should be enough people that would be inclined to have their iPhone modded just for the coolness factor alone. The mod comes with a 90-day warranty and while it does void Apple's warranty, the mod is fully reversible. Again as of now, iPatch doesn't take orders yet but were pleased to tell you that they also accept international orders.

For more information about the mod, visit iPatch's website here. [via CultOfMac]

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