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Special iPhone Event in October Will Be Taking Place at Apple Campus

There may have been no official announcement yet from Apple, many people believe that the Cupertino company will be holding a special event where the much awaited iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S (depending on which rumors turn out to be true) will finally be unveiled. Now with relation to the said special iPhone event, a report just came up indicating the very location where the event will take place.

Apple Campus
According to a report brought to us by AllThingsD, sources that have close ties to the Cupertino giant claims that things will be a little different this time around with regards to the venue of the said iPhone event. Traditionally, whenever there is a major product announcement and demonstration, the location of the venue will always be in San Francisco. If anyone can recall, all versions of the iPhone as well as the iPad and iPad 2 were announced there. But now according to the report, it seems that this year, Apple decided to hold the event on a different location, Appleā€™s campus in Cupertino, California.

As with all rumors that have been floating around, not much details have been provided. There are no reasons provided why the location was changed either. Maybe Apple just couldn't decide on a target date yet that it would be too much of a risk to book a much larger venue? Or could they have chosen a more familiar location with regards to the newly appointed CEO Tim Cook's first major product reveal? As you may already know, since Tim Cook is now the acting CEO of Apple, it is only natural for him to present upcoming products of Apple from now on, much like how Steve Jobs did it back in the day. This is of course unless he decides that he will be running things in the background.
Tim Cook iPhone Event
Recent reports have indicated that the special iPhone event will be happening on October 4th (a date that was first pegged by AllThingsD). In addition to that, the keynote for the next generation iPhone will be presented by no other than Tim Cook himself. This seems to go hand-in-hand with recent reports that the next iPhone and iOS 5 will be released on the second week of October based on Apple's rumored blackout for its employees.

But then again, all of these are unofficial so there is no guarantee that the iPhone event's date and location cited above are accurate. Not even the products that will be announced are official. It was widely thought that Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 5 along with a cheaper variety of the existing iPhone 4 with less storage capacity. But a recent prediction indicate that Apple won't be introducing a redesigned iPhone soon but instead a device that will feature a modest upgrade dubbed the iPhone 4S will be unveiled.

While these reports doesn't exactly give us any official or solid information, at least it roughly gives us the things that we can expect. Eight more days until the rumored iPhone event, so we'll just have to wait and see. [via AllThingsD]

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