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PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Modded Into a Single PC Case [Pictures]

While it is indeed true that mobile gaming has indeed come a long way especially with the help of iOS and Android, the market for hardcore games remains standing strong. If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, then it is highly likely that you own more than just one major game console. Maybe you can also throw in a couple of mobile devices and handhelds just for good measure. But nothing says "hardcore" than a guy modding home consoles and cramming them all in one box.
PS3 Xbox 360 Modded Case
While it is indeed geek's heaven to be owning more than one major console, the main problem that would arise would be concerning space consumption. This problem is especially apparent if you are staying in a cramped apartment or dorm. Sure, with proper setup and management you'll be able to come up with way to save space and preserve functionality but who knows how many ungodly hours and resources would that take?

But somehow a Reddit user that goes with the handle Timofiend have managed to combine the guts of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 into one PC case. The consoles in question is an 80 GB (phat) PlayStation 3 and the slim Xbox 360 crammed into a single well-ventilated case. The concept is quite simple right? Gutting both consoles and sticking it into a PC case sounds kind of a cake walk right? Well it is not a simple project if you may ask. But on principle alone, being able to combine both your major consoles into one compact case should be more than worth the trouble. Check out a couple of photos of the finished product.
PS3 Xbox 360 Modded Case 2
PS3 Xbox 360 Modded Case 3
As you can see from the photos, both consoles are now in a single compact system. And the best thing about this project is that the repurposed guts of both consoles enables them to output both signals at once. Just in case one of these days you feel so bored that the only way you can overcome it is to play two home consoles at the same time. But surely it should feel like a baking oven down there once both consoles are running right? Fortunately timofiend addressed the issue of cooling very well. Instead of using liquid cooling as one might expect, the modder instead opt to place strong air cooling across the case. And the result is a temperature of no more than 29ÂșC even when both consoles are running. Although keep in mind that it will no doubt be higher when playing resource intensive games with lots of onscreen action.

The project received overwhelming response from other Reddit users. So where can you buy one? Unfortunately, you can't. But if you are really interested, Timofiend kept a log and took photos while working on this project. The complete documentation is now released for public reference (link below) in case you would want to mod both your consoles into a PC case too. You can even choose to mod different consoles other than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation. Maybe a Wii too?

To check out the full documentation of the project, just visit Timofiend's blogspot. [via Reddit]

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