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New Case-Mate Cases Suggest a Whole New iPhone 5 Design [Photo]

For the past few months, reports about Apple's next iPhone have been headlining the tech news which is quite typical each time the Cupertino company is about to launch a new product. One can say that one aspect of the iPhone 5 that both Apple fans and the media are curious about is the device's cosmetic design and form factor. If anyone can recall, there have been leaked cases from China that suggests that the iPhone 5 will feature a thinner, tapered design. Now in line with that rumor, a reputable smartphones case manufacturer may have just slipped out the iPhone 5's new design.

The case manufacturer in question is Case-Mate, a company who has been in the business of manufacturing cases for popular smartphones such as the iPhone. Now, the company has published a page on their website which depicts six different case designs for the highly anticipated iPhone 5. The design shows quite a departure from the current iPhone 4 which falls in nicely with previous rumors. Below is the image of the alleged Case-Mate cases intended for Apple's next iPhone.
iPhone 5 Case Mate
As you can see from the photo above, it doesn't take an expert to come into a conclusion that the cases are housing a device which is considerably different from the current iPhone 4. The device follows a similar form factor to the iPad 2 which means overall it has a thinner yet wider design presumably in order to accommodate the increase in screen display size. And if you take a closer look, the device also seems to feature a metallic back-plate. It also looks similar to the current design of the iPod touch 4G, although the device depicted in the photo seems to be wider.

Blunder or not, it seems that Case-Mate has caught wind of this so called "leak" and has already taken down the offending image, which could be taken as a good sign. Companies which specialize in manufacturing smartphone cases such as Case-Mate are willing to pay top dollar in order to get insider information regarding upcoming highly anticipated products such as a new iPhone. This is of course so that companies are able to capitalize on the hype surrounding the product and gain an edge against competitors by being the first one to offer the case. Or it could be possible that Case-Mate is simply basing it on rumors and speculations surrounding the iPhone 5 when they came up with the design depicted on the image.

Apple is really good when it comes to keeping their upcoming products secret and will go to extreme lengths in order to make sure that it stays that way. The iPhone 5 is widely expected to be made available around first or second week of October but the Cupertino company has yet to confirm the existence of the its next smartphone hit. But we will surely know for sure once Apple's upcoming media event takes place later this month which is where fans are expecting the iPhone 5 announcement. [via BGR]

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