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More TouchPads on Their Way to Accommodate Consumer Demands, Says HP

If you have been keeping up with our blog then you should be somehow aware that about two weeks ago, Hewlett-Packard made an announcement that the company will be discontinuing the Touchpad and other devices on its product line that ran on webOS. The main reason is the fact that webOS devices weren't exactly a hit among consumers. Soon after the announcement, HP decided to sell the TouchPad for $99 for the purpose of liquidating the remaining stocks. And what do you know? The sale was a huge hit among customers which prompted the company to make another batch of TouchPads in order to meet the overwhelming demand. Take note that the TouchPad was normally retailed for $399 before the liquidation sale.

HP TouchPad
As mentioned, the liquidation sale for the TouchPad was met with overwhelming response from consumers. Many people rushed to the stores to purchase HP's discounted device and it was not long before the product was sold out on all outlets. The number of inquiries and just how fast the TouchPad disappeared from the inventory was enough to ignite the interest of HP to manufacture one last batch of TouchPads.

Despite announcing an end to manufacturing webOS hardware, we have decided to produce one last run of TouchPads to meet unfulfilled demand.

There has been no confirmation from HP when will these TouchPad units will be made available or how many units will they manufacture for this last batch. The company did say that it won't be at least a few weeks before consumers are be able to purchase discounted TouchPads. There have been reports of customers buying 20 units of the said device at discounted prices and selling them off at eBay or Craigslist for profit. So it is possible that in order to give everyone a fair shot, HP might enforce a one unit per customer order limit. In addition, there is still no confirmation if the next batch of units will be sold for $99 as well.
HP TouchPad Sale Prices
The HP TouchPad was previously regarded as the potential iPad killer. But when it did hit the market it didn't exactly blow away critics of the tech industry and customers weren't rushing to the stores in order to purchase HP's tablet offering. And the trend pretty much continued. Sluggish sales and poor media coverage contributed to the demise of the HP TouchPad. Which is quite a shame because webOS is an interesting mobile operating system. Despite not being the most popular, the webOS found some die-hard fans that supported it.

If you are someone who have always wanted to purchase a TouchPad or never owned a tablet device before, then HP's tablet at $99 is too hard to pass up. But keep in mind that this device is already discontinued and will not be receiving further support from the manufacturers in the future. Furthermore, there are better options out there, namely Apple's iPad and various Android-based tablets. All of which are going strong and will continue to be supported by their manufacturers. [via HPBlog]

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