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Leaked Sprint Internal Memo Points to Possible iPhone 5 Launch by October 15th [PHOTO]

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 is currently the hot topic that gets the tech industry and Apple fans alike excited. We have reported in the past the possibility that the 3rd largest carrier in the United States, Sprint will finally be offering iPhones to their subscribers. Now in line with that particular subject, a leaked document just made its way into the Internet that does not only suggest that the iPhone 5 may be coming to Sprint but it also possibly reveals the next iPhone's release date.

Sprint iPhone
According to a report published by Sprint News and Reviews blog SprintFeed, they have received from a reliable source an internal memo that notifies Sprint employees that they will be "blacking out" from September 30th through October 15th. For the benefit of our readers, a blackout period means employees will not be able to take a time off or a vacation for the duration of the blackout.
Sprint Blackout Memo
It is highly likely that Sprint will be using this blackout period in order to train its staff in preparation for the so called major phone launch, which has a high chance to be the iPhone 5. Considering that the Sprint's other major smartphone, the Epic 4G Touch has been released already, what else could it be? And besides it falls nicely with past rumors that the iPhone 5 will make its way into the market in October.

This is not the first ever leaked internal memo from Sprint that got leaked into the wild. Earlier this month, there has been a report that Sprint sent a memo to its employees instructing them to refrain from commenting to rumors, leaks, speculations or pretty much anything that has to do with the iPhone 5. In addition to that, there have been reports as well that Sprint will be offering unlimited data plans for the iPhone. If this particular report turns out to be true, then it will definitely strengthen the possibility that the iPhone 5 will be heading to Sprint.
Sprint Logo
The iPhone 5 heading to the 3rd largest network carrier is a win-win situation for both Apple and Sprint. Sprint Nextel, while being at 3rd place is trailing significantly behind carriers AT&T and Verizon which are both offering iPhones to their subscribers. The iPhone will be instrumental in helping Sprint compete with leading smartphone carriers in the United States. As for Apple, making the iPhone 5 available to the 3rd largest carrier in the United States will make the smartphone accessible to more subscribers. Considering the massive hype that surrounds the iPhone 5, being able to cater to more customers by the time of its launch will only lead to impressive sales. Which is of course, a scenario that the Cupertino company would want.

Although it was not officially announced yet, Apple's annual media event should be right around the corner. The event is largely believed to be podium where the fruit company will be announcing the existence of the highly anticipated device. Stay tuned with us for more iPhone 5 updates. [via SprintFeed]

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