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Joypad: Play iOS Games on Apple TV Using an iPhone and iPad via Airplay [Video]

Over the years, it is hard to deny that touch based gaming has really come a long way. And it can be largely attributed to the immense success of Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With touch based gaming, gamers everywhere are given new avenues with regards to the enjoyment of their beloved hobby. It is safe to say that because of the success of Apple's devices even non-gamers are sucked in into the wonderful world of gaming.

Joypad Logo
However, many hardcore and old-school gamers who owns an iOS device still prefer to experience their games holding a controller pad. If there's one flaw with touch-based gaming then it should be the lack of a dedicated controller which is of course a fair compromise considering the mobile nature of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. While controlling the onscreen action in games using the touchscreen has become increasingly intuitive over time, it is hard to deny that they can be rather intrusive, especially with smaller devices. Well if you are someone who's clamoring for a control pad in your iOS games, there here's an app that might be worth looking into.
Joypad App
If you are into iOS gaming and have been searching for alternative ways to enjoy your touch-based games, the there's a chance that you have stumbled upon Joypad. The Joypad app is a small free utility that turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a virtual control pad which resembles a NES controller (directional pad and two buttons) which can then be used to play games in your PC or Mac. Another neat feature of the Joypad app is that it can be customized. Prefer to play side-scrollers? Then you can use the classic NES button layout. Or perhaps you're a fan of shooters? Well you can customize the app so that it features an analog stick rather than the traditional d-pad.
Joypad SDK
Now the developers have been hard at work at porting their SDK to other iOS devices and in fact released a new SDK which will allow iOS device owners to play their iOS games on their Apple TV using the iPhone and iPad. A few months ago, we have brought to you a report which demonstrates on just how AirPlay works which works with similar concept as this one. Imagine playing your favorite iOS games on your high-definition TV while sitting on your comfortable couch. To give you an idea on how it works, here's a video of the app in action:

The developers have provided the Joypad SDK for free and have been actively encouraging iOS developers to add Joypad support to their games. So one can hope that many developers will be able to integrate Joypad into their games because well, it is always nice to have more options.

There are a couple of drawbacks while playing games while using Joypad. As you all know, a controller with actual physical buttons can be felt and they have tactile feedback which is why one does not need to look at their controller while playing. But with a virtual controller, you don't get to feel the buttons which could result to input misses that could hamper one's enjoyment of a game. Of course another caveat is that before you get to enjoy Joypad, you need to have an iPhone, an iPad and an Apple TV, which would be ridiculously expensive. But if you already have these devices, Joypad is definitely worth looking into. [via TheNextWeb]

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