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iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 for Windows and Mac OS X Now Available [Developers Only]

By the end of last month, Apple pushed out the seventh pre-release version of iOS 5. And by typical fashion, iOS 5 beta 7's release is accompanied with a corresponding iTunes 10.5 beta. The iTunes 10.5 beta 7 is an absolute requirement if one plans to update to iOS 5 beta 7 because it is necessary when syncing your device's content through iTunes. But now in not so typical Apple fashion, the iOS development team just rolled out an update to iTunes 10.5 beta. Developers can now download iTunes 10.5 beta 8.

iTunes 10.5 Beta 8
As you have probably noticed, this pre-release version of iTunes 10.5 beta does not come alongside iOS 5 beta 8 (well at least not yet). Much like the previous iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1, the new iTunes 10.5 beta 8 brings overall better support for Apple's upcoming iTunes Match service. This iTunes 10.5 beta build completely supersedes beta 7, so developers are encouraged to update their software as soon as they can. Alongside this software update, iWork for iOS beta 3 was also released which is an update over beta 2 released last August 19.

The lack of iOS 5 beta 8 in sight might as well be an indication that beta 7 might just be the last pre-release version we'll ever see before iOS 5 hits Gold Master status. In case you are not aware, the Gold Master candidate is an iOS build that would later become the official final build, unless major bugs and other issues rear their ugly heads out. As we all know, it is largely expected that the final version of the iOS 5 will be made available to users by the end of September. So we might just be looking at the final beta version of with iOS 5 beta 7.
Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 8
And as per usual, you will need to be an enrolled developer over at Apple's iOS Dev Center before you can hope to download iTunes 10.5 beta 8. There are other means that you can get your hands on this software update through various file sharing means but we are obviously referring to the legal method of procuring this software of course. Enrolling for a developer account is actually a simple process although it would require you to pay for a fee. All you need to do is go to the Apple Developer Website, sign-up for an account by paying an annual fee of $99, and Voila! You are now a registered Apple developer which not only gives you access to iOS betas and software but also various tools and documentations that will help you develop you own application.

iOS 5 is the much awaited upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system which was first unveiled during last June's annual WWDC. The excitement comes from the plethora of new features for the system which includes a new improved notifications system called Notifications Center, system-wide Twitter integration, iMessage, Over-the-air updates, improved Mobile Safari and many more. iOS 5 is also closely integrated with Apple's upcoming cloud service called iCloud. So who's excited for iOS 5?

Download iTunes 10.5 beta 8 at Apple's iOS Dev Center.

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