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iPhone 5 to Hit Stores on October 21st, Says Tipster from Best Buy [Rumor]

There is no doubt that people are getting more and more excited about Apple's next major smartphone release, the iPhone 5. This is especially true if one has to consider the fact that one of the most prominent rumors regarding the upcoming mobile device is its release date. If you have been keeping yourself updated with the latest rumors about the iPhone 5's market launch date, then you should be somehow be aware that October is the strongest release window candidate. And now we get yet another report that points out to October as the release month of the new iPhone. To be specific, October 21st.

iPhone 5 Concept Design
According to a report by ThisIsMyNext, they have received a tip from a Best Buy employee that their location is scheduled to have a mysterious "Apple Fixture Installation" on October 21st, a Friday. So what could be this product that is worth this kind of special treatment? Well the most logical conclusion would be of course is the next iPhone. We all know that once it goes on sale, the iPhone 5 will be hugely popular. A fact that of course both Apple and Best Buy knows. So it could be highly possible that this mysterious Apple Fixture is a measure of both companies in order to accommodate the iPhone 5's launch date.
Best Buy Apple Fixture Installation
According to the tipster, this particular request from Best Buy's management is not something that happens on a regular basis. To be specific, managers of Best Buy does not usually show up until 7:00 in the morning for the inventory but according to the special request, a manager has to be around an hour earlier. According to the tipster, similar arrangement was also requested when the iPhone 4 was launched last year. Which only adds more weight to the speculation that this sort of preparation is indeed for the iPhone 5. In addition to this, the tip also told that Best Buy Mobile managers will have a scheduled meeting for October 10. The agenda? To "discuss upcoming BIG release dates".

But again of course as with all rumors, this does in no way confirm anything with regards to the iPhone 5's release date. But if I may say so, it is hard to ignore this particular report because it does fall in line with past rumors that the iPhone 5 is going to be released on October. Or to say the least, it does put some weight to the October release date with the added information of the exact date of availability which is on the 21st. Which happens to fall on a Friday, a typical iPhone launch day. Considering that it is already September and there is no press event announcement yet, the October release date becomes more likely by the day.

So could it be that October 21 would be the date to mark on our calendars? Well no one knows for sure, but this one seems to be highly plausible. Expect to hear more regarding the iPhone 5's release date during the incoming weeks. [via ThisIsMyNext]

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