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iPhone 5 Release Date Accidentally Spilled by Orange Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard

Over the past few months, reports about rumors, leaks, speculations and so on regarding Apple's next smartphone release have been off the charts. And of course, one of the most persistent questions that comes to one's mind when it comes to the iPhone 5 is that, "when is it going to be released?" Well if previous reports about the iPhone 5's release date are to be believed, the much anticipated device should hit the stores around the first two weeks of October. And now another report surfaces that seemingly confirm the speculated release time frame of the iPhone 5.

Orange Telecom Logo
This report involves yet another telecom CEO letting the cat out of the bag with regarding the iPhone 5 release date. The CEO in question is Stéphane Richard, chief of yet another fruit company Orange Telecom. So how exactly did he reveal details about the iPhone 5 launch? Richard have been quoted while talking in the radio that the iPhone 5 is set to released on October 15. “If I believe what we heard, the iPhone will be released Oct. 15,” claims Richard. And then the Orange CEO was quick to add that, "To date, no date is known for its commercial launch even though its production seems to have started in several echoes in the press."

Now it could be possible that Richard have been actually keeping up with the various rumors surrounding the iPhone 5's but that doesn't seem to be too plausible. Or it could be possible too that Richard actually knows what he's talking about. He is after all a high level executive of a major telecommunications company, so at the very least he could be briefed regarding some details about the iPhone 5 especially when the device is expected to be released more or less a month from now.
Stéphane Richard Orange CEO
This is not the first time that Orange spilled some beans with regards to Apple products. In the past, the mobile network operator had published an ad for the product but was immediately pulled out. Stéphane Richard, in a previous mistake, also confirmed beforehand the launch date of the iPad. To be fair, the release date that was accidentally dropped by Richard falls in line with previous reports that the iPhone 5 will be releasing on the 2nd week of October, although the date October 15th itself is quite unlikely. Traditionally, Apple likes to launch its new products on a Friday, so October 14th is all the more likely.

Despite all these rumors abound, the Cupertino company is yet to confirm the existence of the iPhone 5. And many are expecting that Apple will be making the announcement during the company's media event that will be taking place later this month. As far as iPhones go, the iPhone 5 has been the most delayed iteration yet. But the long wait for a shiny new iPhone should be over in more or less a month. [via Ozap]

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