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Google+ Going Down? Google+ Sees 41% Decline in Public Posts in Past 2 Months

Back at around the end of June, search engine behemoth Google launched their very own social networking website called Google+. The hype that surrounded Google's new social network was sort of big deal and it was even hailed as the fastest growing social network in existence, amassing more than 10 million users in only more than 2 weeks. But as it went on, Google+'s traffic saw a slight decline a month after it was introduced. So how is Google+ doing lately?

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Unfortunately not very good if this recently published data research from 89n is to be believed. This particular data research is based on 89n's Twitter account management service called ManageFlitter. According to the data research, the average number of public Google+ posts daily has went down from 0.68 public posts per day between July 19 and August 19 to 0.40 public posts per day between August 19 to September 14. If you're going to calculate that, that is a 41% decrease in daily public post.

Below is the time series of the average number of public G+ posts per user that utilizes ManageFlitter for integrating their G+ and Twitter account:
Google+ Public Post
To date, about 7280 people have bothered linking their Google+ and Twitter accounts using ManageFlitter. 89n have been earnest in checking these accounts for new public posts every 10 minutes. Out of these accounts, 130,059 public posts have been made. Now this particular decrease happened despite the fact that Google rolled out new features for Google+ such as the enhanced Google+ button, "suggested user" list, profile verification and even games.

Now before people jump into conclusions, 89n is not exactly a reputed research firm and not much details have been provided with regards to their research methodology. So it could be possible that this research data is not enough to prove if there's indeed a decline on the public's Google+ usage. And of course, one has to take into account that this data only covers public posts, not private. Anyone who has used Google+ knows that you can post something and not share it publicly but instead share it with a specific Circle, which is kind of the whole point behind the social network.

Famed tech evangelist Robert Scoble shared a rather interesting comment about how Google+ doesn't need a lot of people or posts in order to be successful:

I believe Google+ is all about protecting its search business. It is scared that Facebook is going to become a search engine. It already sort of is. A lot of people are moving behaviors over to Facebook that they used to do in search. Instead of Googling "sushi san francisco" we'll just ask our friends "hey, where's the best sushi in San Francisco."

We're leaving Google because there aren't any real humans there that we trust.

We have been saying that in order for Google+ to effectively compete with Facebook, it has to introduce something revolutionary that could make a significant impact or change the face of social media. If not, then it will just be another copycat and we don't think anyone would be so compelled to migrate from Facebook for what's basically a "wannabe". But keep in mind that Google+ is basically a new entrant and Google may not be aiming to dominate the world of social media yet. It would be interesting to see what Google has in store for its new social network in the future. [Source: 89n, via TechCrunch]

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