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Google Music Beta Web App Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Try It Now!

It seems that these days, many major companies have set their eyes on cloud storage in order to capitalize on the music business. We've all heard about Apple's plan to set their own cloud based service called iCloud which let users store and access their music library through the cloud. And of course we can't forget about Amazon's offering called Cloud Player which offers a similar service. Earlier this year, Google introduced their very own cloud service called Google Music. It was initially available only for Mac, Windows and Android. But now iOS users will now be able to join in on the fun as the Google Music Beta App becomes available.

Google Music Beta
The announcement was made through Google's official Twitter account. The Google Music Beta app was first launched on the Android which is baked into the Music app. But now Google finally rolled out an app for iOS users so that they could give Google Music a spin as well. But keep in mind that Google Music Beta is not a traditional native app, instead it's web based. In addition to that, also remember that Google Music Beta can only be accessed if you have an invite and it is a product exclusive only to users in the U.S.
Google Music Beta for iOS
So how does Google Music works? It's actually quite very simple. Users are able to upload their music library of up to 20,000 songs from a computer. The music is then stored in the cloud which can be easily streamed as long as you have an internet connection. And you can do that by either pointing your browsers to Google Music's website or if you own an Android device, you can run the official app of the service. New tracks can only be uploaded through a computer which then you can play in your smartphone.
Google Music Beta for iOS 2
Despite being a mobile web app, Google Music Beta is reportedly operating smoothly and acts as if it is a native app. You have all the basic music controls, playing the song, search, shuffle and so on. You can also use swiping gestures which takes you between songs, artists, albums, playlists etc. And we must add that the transitions were done quite well. Another nice touch of this mobile app is that the music remains uninterrupted even when you exit Safari. Overall, the app looks very slick and the interface is quite intuitive. Google definitely nailed it on that aspect. In order to get to Google Music Beta, just direct Mobile Safari at

When asked if there are any plans for a native iOS app in the future, Google simply replied that they have nothing to say with regards to the subject. Although they are considering all options in order to bring Google Music to more people. [via TechCrunch]

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