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Get Portal for PC and Mac for FREE via Steam, Until September 20th Only

When it comes to the world of gaming, it should be safe to say that Valve Software is one of the best developers around. With a track record of AAA games such as Half-Life 1 and 2, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 1 and 2 and the Left for Dead series, it is hard to argue with their credentials as game developers. Valve is also the developer of the widely successful digital distribution platform, Steam. Back in June we have reported to you that Valve's the multiplayer focused, first person shooter Team Fortress 2 have officially went free to play permanently. Now another highly acclaimed game from Valve is being offered for free, albeit for only a limited time only.

Portal Logo
The game in question is the 2007's award winning first-person puzzler Portal which is being offered on Steam as a free download but only until September 20. Valve decided to have this limited offer in order to showcase how Portal and Portal 2 can help kids in school grasp the trickier aspects of science in a much more enjoyable way. Apparently, a game like Portal is able to make a boring subject matter such as physics to be cool and fun and it also helps with the kids' critical thinking skills. Portal is a relatively short game, and while it is a first-person title, the nature of the game is generally calm, bullet free and more of a puzzle solving experience. Well who would have thought that a non-educational game could be used as learning tool?
Portal Screenshot
Portal is a game from 2007 and even back then it was considered to be a lightweight title. So if you have fairly recent PC or Mac, then you should be able to run the game with no problem. But in case you'll ask, the minimum system requirements are: 1.7 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM and DirectX 9 capable Graphics Card. Again, the offer will only last until September 20th, so be sure that you get it while you can. Keep in mind that you will need to register for a Steam account before you can access and download your free Portal copy.

Since this game is already four years old, most gamers should already have a copy of Portal. But in case you haven't had the chance to play it yet, then we recommend that you help yourself with this particular limited offer. Portal is a highly acclaimed Valve title and has received numerous accolades and awards from the game industry media. Definitely one of the best games of the current generation. Get it now!

Download Portal for Windows and Mac from Steam.

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