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Facebook’s Project Spartan and Official iPad App To Be Launched Early Next Week

A few days ago, we've brought to you a report that Facebook will finally be launching the official iPad version of  the Facebook app. Apart from that, it was also cited in the report that Facebook will be announcing another huge feature at Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event. In fact it is so huge that they held out on announcing it during the f8 Conference because it might take the limelight from Facebook's new Open Graph and Timeline. So what could it be? Well, many months back if anyone can remember we have covered a news about a certain secret project from Facebook called "Project Spartan." Well, there's a good chance that the huge announcement concerns just that.

The folks at TechCrunch came across a Facebook mobile developer page which features what looks to be a Facebook Mobile App Integration on the iOS and Android (although the screenshots clearly points to an iOS app). The app in questions looks to be quite developer-centric with features like the ability to bookmark apps and the ability to send request to a friend to try out a third party app. After consulting with various sources, TechCrunch was able to confirm that the Mobile App that they come across is indeed Facebook's "Project Spartan."
Facebook Spartan Screenshots 1
Project Spartan (probably just a codename and will most likely be changed) is the HTML5 based mobile platform that the social networking behemoth have been working on for months. There have been whispers that Spartan's goal is to have developers use Facebook as a primary distribution portal for their applications and games. And according to the report, Spartan have been completed for a while now. So what's holding the Facebook developers back from unveiling the project?
Facebook Spartan Screenshots 2
According to TechCrunch's MG Siegler, Spartan has been waiting for the release of Facebook's official iPad app, which also happens to be completed for a long while now and has been leaked earlier. So if the two have been completed for a long while now, what's stopping them from announcing it? Both were held up by the not so peachy relationship between the two giant companies. Apple and Facebook isn't exactly on good terms lately. But now with the advent of Google+, it seems that both companies have recognized who their common enemy is and have finally decided to settle their differences.

As we have reported earlier, while Facebook is indeed planning to unveil the iPad app during Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event, there are some buzzes that Facebook is actually planning to hold their own event where the iPad and Spartan will be launched. Both companies are still under discussion with regards to this matter.

Regardless of what will the two companies will decide upon, we can surely expect some big announcements from both parties next week. So be sure to stay tune with us for more details. [via TechCrunch]

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