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BiteSMS for iOS 5 Now Available – New UI, Works with Notifications Center & iMessage

Texting using the Messages app on the iPhone is alright by itself. The app is pretty basic, easy to use and works quite well. But in terms of features, the stock Messages app is surely lacking in that department which can be a potential source of frustration for many users. But thanks to jailbreaking, one does not need to put up with the default messaging app because there are many jailbreak tweaks and apps that one can install to replace or improve the messaging experience in iOS. One such app is the ever popular BiteSMS which is now available for the iOS 5 as well.

BiteSMS Logo
If you are someone who has been running iOS 5 betas and is missing the awesome features offered by BiteSMS, then you'll be happy to know that the developers have finally ported their popular messaging app to the iOS 5. The announcement was made through the app's official Twitter account, where a tweet was sent that the first beta of iOS 5 compliant BiteSMS was finally out.
BiteSMS for iOS 5 Tweet
From the BiteSMS official forum:

Due to the overwhelming number of emails from users wanting to be private beta testers, we have decided to release this iOS 5 compliant version via a public beta repos.

Seeing that this is a very early beta of BiteSMS for iOS 5, you will most likely encounter many bugs. In fact, while the developers said that the app is pretty stable, it has numerous bugs and issues like unimplemented features, problems with animations especially in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, frequent crashes, badge is slow to update and it currently does not work for the iPod touch. The developers however promised that they are working on these issues, so expect more updates to come up soon.
BiteSMS for iOS 5 Screenshot
So what can you expect in iOS 5 compliant BiteSMS? Well for starters, the Quick Compose and Quick Reply is sporting a new look. Aside from that, the app has also been integrated with iOS 5's new notifications system called Notifications Center which is definitely a nice touch. Another iOS 5 exclusive feature for this version of BiteSMS is that it works seamlessly Apple's new messaging service, iMessage.

If you are interested in giving this iOS 5 compliant version of BiteSMS a whirl, then just go to Cydia and then just tap Manage > Sources > Edit > Add and type the following repo: After installation of BiteSMS, do a quick tethered reboot to make sure that everything works fine.

Before you can hope to install and use this version of BiteSMS, you will need to have your iPhone jailbroken to iOS 5. If you are currently under the latest iOS 5 beta 7, then you can either use Redsn0w or Sn0wbreeze. Keep in mind that both are tethered jailbreaks, so you will need to run your iPhone to the program each time your device shuts off or restarts. [via BiteSMS forum]

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    Stephan Langdon9 years, 10 months ago

    i downloaded the new bite to 5.o.1 and I love the new features but it loads up extremely slow is there a way to fix that?