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iPhone 5 Rumor Debunked: Best Buy Apple Fixture Installation is Not for the iPhone 5 at All

For many months now, the iPhone 5 rumor mill have been in full swing with various reports of rumors, leaks, predictions and speculations coming out left and right. This is especially true now that the expected launch date of Apple's next iPhone draws to a close. There is no doubt that the release of the next iPhone is surrounded with ridiculous amount of hype and such hype causes many fans and the media to get overexcited. With multiple rumors floating around regarding the iPhone 5, there are those are those that gets debunked almost immediately.

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A few days ago we've brought to you a report regarding a leaked internal document from an alleged Best Buy employee which indicated that their branch is scheduled for an "Apple Fixture Installation." The fixture installation was scheduled on October 21. Since this falls in-line with various rumors of the iPhone 5 being released on October, many were led to believe that such preparations were indeed for Apple's next smartphone release. But since such belief was nothing more than a speculation, either it turns out of be true or it will be completely debunked later on. Unfortunately in this case, it was the latter.

According to a report by MacRumors, the scheduled fixture installation was not for the iPhone 5 at all but for another Apple device. Several sources from Best Buy claims that the "C2 end display" cited in the internal document is the location of the store's iPad display. These updates to the display are said to be regular routine that comes with layout changes or new promotions. The installation as it turns out, was for Best Buy stores to be able to display more iPad units.
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Well wasn't that a bit underwhelming? But looking at the brighter side of things, for once a floating rumor about the iPhone 5 gets squashed. So people won't have to throw in more speculations. And of course for optimist Apple fans out there, since this is for a different product altogether, this could mean that they shouldn't have to wait for October 21st before they could get their hands on the iPhone 5. So can we expect the iPhone 5 to be released earlier in October? Maybe a Friday release in the 7th or 14th? On the negative side, we are left yet again to speculate the iPhone 5 release date.

If there's anything that this kneejerk reaction to iPhone 5 rumors tells us, it is the undeniable fact that people really want to get their eager hands on the next generation iPhone. If previous reports are of any indication, the existence of the iPhone 5 should be announced later this month by Apple. So be sure to stay tune with us for more updates. [via MacRumors]

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