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Apple Will Wipe Out iTunes Match Data on Sept 26th in Preparation for iOS 5 Gold Master Release

There is no doubt that one of the hottest thing that Apple fans and the tech industry have been waiting for is the release of the fruit company's update to its mobile operating system, iOS 5. If you have been closely following the news regarding the fifth version of the iOS, then you'll know that it is currently on its seventh beta version. It was previously speculated that Apple will be rolling out an eight beta for iOS 5 but it seems that has become quite unlikely now. Apple just declared that on September 26th all iTunes Match data currently present in the iCloud will be resetted.

By the first week of August if anyone can recall, Apple launched the beta for its upcoming cloud service called iCloud. In case you don't know, one of the standout features of iCloud is iTunes Match, a service that lets the user convert their non-iTunes (MP3 format and so on) songs into a more iTunes compatible format (AAC format). So you can convert your old songs from way back and receive a high quality and more iTunes compatible version of the songs. iTunes Match has an introductory price of $20 / year.

According to the official announcement of Apple, the reset that will be implemented to iTunes Match is for improving the quality and reliability of the service. So all iCloud libraries will be deleted this coming Monday, September 26 at 9AM PDT. Apple is advising all users to turn off iTunes Match on all of their computers and iOS devices. On a PC or Mac you can disable iTunes Match by selecting the Turn Off iTunes Match under Store. On your iOS devices, you can do this by navigating to Settings > Music.
While Apple cited that wiping the iTunes Match libraries is for improving the quality and reliability of the service, it is highly likely that this particular move will be done in preparation for the iOS 5. A speculation that somehow makes sense considering how close we are to the expected release date of the highly anticipated mobile operating system. Many are believing that anytime soon, Apple will be rolling out the Golden Master build of iOS 5, a build that should be identical to the public release granted of course that there are no major issues or bugs found.

There have been previous reports that Apple will be holding a special event on October 4th. The said event is most likely will become the podium where the Cupertino company will be introducing the much awaited next generation iPhone. It could also be possible that the public release of iOS 5 will be announced at the said event as well. The new iPhone is said to be where the newly appointed CEO of Apple Tim Cook will have his first keynote presentation where he will be announcing to the public the next iPhone.

iOS 5 should be right around the corner, so hang in there folks.

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