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Apple to Launch iPod Touch with 3G Connectivity Later This Month?

It's hard to deny with the fact that the iPod touch is currently one of the most popular and well received multimedia device that is not a smartphone. Traditionally now that it is September, iPod fans can expect a new iPod touch hardware to be announced. Not much is known about the other models of iPod such as the Shuffle, Classic or Nano but there have been some buzz that Apple will be releasing a brand new iPod touch, presumably a follow-up to the 4G, which is said to support 3G connectivity.

iPod Touch 4G
According to the report by AppleNApps, they have received a tip from an anonymous source that Apple will be introducing a new iPod touch model that will have an integrated access to high speed 3G data networks. Basically this new alleged upcoming iPod touch unit will work just like a "mini iPad" and Apple is already in talks with its carrier partners regarding non-contract plans that users can subscribe to which is similar to the company's tablet devices.

The main reason for 3G integration with the new iPod touch according to the report is because of Apple's new cloud storage based service, iCloud. Arriving this fall, seamless syncing and sharing between different devices will now be possible through iCloud. One would assume that this is a move of Apple in order to make the next generation iPod touch relevant with its other new generation devices such as the iPhone 5 and iPad 3. Indeed it would be shame if the next iPod touch won't be able to take full advantage of iCloud just because it lacks 3G support.
Apple iCloud Logo
The new iPod touch according to the report is going to "very similar" to the current fourth-generation model which was released in September last year. And pretty much like the iPad 3G, the new iPod touch device will not be supporting voice capabilities. Its 3G access will only be limited to data only. The source have repeatedly emphasized that there is no guarantee that the new iPod touch will indeed support 3G connectivity but there should be a fair chance that it "should make it".

While this particular rumor can be taken with a grain of salt, reports of the next iPod touch having 3G connectivity is not exactly new. No matter how you look at it, one logical way for Apple to improve the current gen iPod touch is to incorporate 3G connectivity into it. When services like the iCloud requires a more stable and permanent Internet connection, a WiFi only device simply won't cut it. Much like the iPad, it is likely that there will be a WiFi only version of the next iPod touch for those who doesn't want the extra connectivity.

Unless Apple makes the official announcement, it's really hard to say for sure. But admittedly, having an iPod touch 3G is a very appealing idea. With jailbreak tweaks like PhoneItiPad, a 3G capable iPod touch could easily be turned to a very cheap iPhone. But as with all rumors and speculations, it's best not to get one's hopes up. We'll keep an eye on this one.

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    Serge10 years, 1 month ago

    What will be the difference of iPhone and iPod?

      Pramod10 years, 1 month ago

      The iPod will still lack the native call functionality. It function more or less like the iPad’s 3G model.