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Apple Store Employees Have Already Began Training for iOS 5 & iCloud Launch [Pictures]

Two of the most important announcement that was made by Apple back in last June's WWDC are of course the much awaited update to the company's mobile operating system iOS 5 and Apple first venture into cloud storage based service, iCloud. Back in WWDC, it was announced that both the iOS 5 and iCloud will be officially released this coming fall. And if several reports are to be believed, the iOS 5 and iCloud should be open to public access by the end of September. Now in line with this, a report indicates that Apple Store employees are now undergoing training in preparation for the launch of iOS and iCloud.

iOS 5 and iCloud
The folks over at 9to5Mac were able to get their hands on a bunch of photos which indicates that Apple Store employees have begun training for the upcoming launch of iOS 5 and iCloud. These photos were reportedly from a recently released internal application for retail store employees called RetailMe. The training is said to be done on a new section of the said internal application. There is very little to doubt about the authenticity of these particular leaked photos, as they look completely legit. Check out the photos of the leaked internal application below.
RetailMe Internal Application
And as you can clearly see from the tiny but perfectly readable text:

iOS 5 and iCloud are just around the corner – it’s time to prepare for the next generation of mobile innovation. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be presenting a series covering everything you’ll need to know to provide our customers with the best iOS experience. This week, learn some new features of iOS 5 and iCloud.

It is common practice for the Cupertino company to release a new version of the iOS alongside with a new iPhone. The gap separating the two are usually just a matter days. Remember when the iOS 4 came three days before the iPhone 4? In a typical fashion, Apple Store employees have been starting their training a couple of weeks before the expected product launch. So if this internal application is any indication, store employees have already begun their training which means that the iOS 5 and iCloud might just see the light of day before September ends. So could it be that we are looking at an iPhone 5 release date that is much earlier than the expected mid-to-late October date?
iOS 5 Apple Employee Training
As for iCloud, it makes for Apple employees to train for this upcoming service from Apple since it is one of the key components of the iOS 5 and it is also fully integrated into the next generation iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even Apple TV.

This report support past rumors that the iPhone 5 could be available for pre-order by late September and will see an early October launch. For those who are eagerly anticipating these future Apple products, this is certainly the most favorable scenario. But remember that Apple has yet to confirm the existence of the iPhone 5. We're almost a week into September and there are still no signs of the Apple fall event which is where the announcement for the iPhone 5 is supposed to take place. This makes the mid-to-late October release date more likely by the day. [via 9to5Mac]

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