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Apple Blacking Out Employees’ Vacation Days to Accommodate iOS 5 and iPhone 5 Launch?

With all the reports regarding rumors, leaks and speculations about the iOS 5 and the next iPhone, it is understandable that one would have a hard time keeping up with all of them. This is especially true when there are reports that completely contradicts other long standing rumors for the past months. With regards to the release date of the iPhone 5 and iOS 5, it's really hard to pinpoint an accurate date with all the rumors that are floating around. Now on a related note, a new report was published today indicating that Apple is blacking out vacation days for its employees for the second week of October.

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According to a report by AppleInsider, the Cupertino company has quietly blacked out vacation time for its employees for the following dates: From October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th. AppleInsider claims that the information came from people who are "familiar" with the situation. Earlier this month we have brought to you a report that network carrier Sprint, who's strongly rumored to start carrying iPhones soon, released a memo stating that a blackout will be enforced on the employees from September 30th to October 15th. Now that seems to be the same deal here with the fruit company.

Now if you will notice, there are two blocks of dates when Apple is going to implement the blackout. According to the report, the first block of date October 9th through 12th could pertain to the release of the much awaited iOS 5 for existing iOS device users. The blackout was for the purpose of accommodating the influx of iOS 5 related inquiries during those dates. Releasing a major iOS update just before launching a new iPhone seems to be very typical of Apple. For example, iOS 3.0 or iPhone Software 3.0 was released on June 17th and was quickly followed up with the release of iPhone 3GS on the 21st. The same is through with iOS 4.0 which was followed by the iPhone 4 after 3 days.
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If iOS 5 indeed releases on a Monday, October 10th, then the second block of dates for the blackout, October 14th and 15th, could perhaps be the days when the next generation iPhone hits the stores. The said dates falls on a Friday and Saturday, so it could be possible that these speculations turn out to be true. In case you don't know, Apple traditionally releases a new iPhone during weekends.

Just yesterday, Apple announced that they will be resetting the data for iTunes Match and it was widely speculated that it is in preparation for iOS 5. Now what everyone has been waiting to know is the announcement regarding when is the special event of Apple going to take place? The said special event where the iPhone 5 will be finally unveiled to the public by no other than Apple's newly appointed CEO, Tim Cook. The month of September is going to be ending soon, so one can only expect that Apple will be making some major announcements soon with regards to the iPhone 5 and iOS 5. [via AppleInsider]

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