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Adobe Finally Brings Flash to iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch with Flash Media Server 4.5

If there's one thing that iOS critics loves to cite when in a heated discussion as to why they don't like Apple's mobile operating system is the lack of Adobe Flash support. The insistence of ex-CEO Steve Jobs not to include flash for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is not exactly a secret citing reasons like Flash being too buggy and it could lead to battery consumption and other performance problems. And by the looks of things, it seems that Apple isn't about to change its stance against Flash anytime soon. Perhaps tired of trying to convince Apple to implement the Flash plugin, Adobe has managed to figure out a workaround to push Flash content into iOS devices.

Flash for iPhone
And said workaround is announced today by Adobe as they unveil a new version of Flash Media Server which is dubbed Flash Media Server 4.5. With this update to Flash Media Server, publishers will be able to stream their flash content to Apple's various iOS devices without any sort of installation on the part of the user. Instead of traditional way of processing the Flash content on the device itself, Flash Media Server will render all content through a remote server which will then stream to the iDevice's browser as Flash.

If anyone can recall, we featured an app called Skyfire VideoQ back in July, which in concept works similarly to Adobe's workaround. Other third-party applications in the past such as CloudBrowse has also managed to skirt around Apple's restriction when it comes to rendering Flash content. So this particular solution is not exactly new. But with Adobe's solution, iOS users won't need to install any application into the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, which is in itself a significant advantage.
Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5
But you have to keep in mind that Flash Media Server will only support streaming of flash videos as far implementation goes. Which means you won't be playing Flash-based games on your iPhone anytime soon, pretty much like other previously existing solutions like Skyfire VideoQ. Also another important thing to keep in mind is that Flash Media Server is a software that publishers will need to purchase and implement into their websites so visitors will be able to stream their flash content. So no, even with this announcement, not all flash videos on the internet can be played by your iDevice.

Still this is step to the right direction with regards to Flash support on the iOS despite Apple's restrictions. This is because Flash Media Server pretty much takes care of everything and all the users need to do is to stream the content through Mobile Safari. But somehow it feels like Adobe came late to the party.

If you are a publisher and is interested in implementing Adobe Flash Media Server into your website, then be prepared to fork $995 for Adobe Flash Media Streaming Server 4.5 and $4,500 for Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server 4.5. For more information, just visit the official product page of Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 here. [via EON]

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