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Top 10 Toughest Cases for Your iPhone 4 – 2011 Edition

There is no doubt that the iPhone 4 is a critical success for Apple. After all it sold over 1.5 million units on its first day. For most owners of the iPhone 4, this particular smartphone plays a significant role in their very lifestyle. So it is only natural that one would want to protect their iPhone 4, whether it's from cosmetic damage, real damage or both. If you are one of those persons who wants heavy duty protection for their iPhone, then perhaps you should check out the following iPhone 4 cases that we have for you. Keep in mind that some of these cases can put some sizable bulk into your iPhone which are not intended for everyday use.

Trident Kraken Case

Trident Kraken for iPhone
The Trident Kraken Case is a highly tough and durable case that is designed not only for the iPhone but for other devices as well such as Droid X, Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Fascinate and so on. The surface of the case is quite rugged. For added protection, the case comes with a screen protector that is actually integrated with the case. Unfortunately, a holster is not included when you buy the case but you do get a removable belt clip. The Trident Kraken Case is available in an assortment of colors.

Buy Trident Kraken Case for $39.95.

Sena Hampton Flip

Sena Hampton Flip for iPhone 4
Now if you want to protect your iPhone in style, then this case should be a no-brainer for you. Many people prefer Sena's cases which can be attributed to the fact that they are made with stylish leather. This is actually one of Sena's more rugged cases as it is designed to completely protect your device. Sure the Sena Hampton Flip doesn't offer the same overall protection as the other cases on this list (some parts of your iPhone are rather exposed) but it is perfect for those who prefers a great balance of protection and aesthetics.

Buy Sena Hampton Flip Case for $59.95.

SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 Case

SharkEye Rugged Case for iPhone 4
As far as rugged protective cases go, the SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 Case has a feature that is definitely worth noting. This is because this particular iPhone case features a retractable screen protector that smoothly glides open and closed in order to protect the surface of your touchscreen from any impact, pressure or cracking. Basically it acts like a shade that you can simply slide in and out whenever you need it. This case is compatible for both Black and White versions of the iPhone 4.

Buy SharkEye Rugged iPhone 4 Case for $49.95.

Trident Cyclops

Trident Cyclops for iPhone 4
Now consider the Trident Cyclops to be the sibling of the Kraken (see above). If you think that the level of protection that the Kraken can offer is too much for your needs, then the Cyclops should be a perfect choice for you. This is also especially true if you think that the Kraken is too bulky for your taste since the Cyclops is a lot slimmer which also makes it perfect for daily use. But don't get us wrong, this doesn't in any way indicate that the protection that the Cyclops can offer is not superior. Available in 6 different colors.

Buy Trident Cyclops Case for $29.95.

Seidio iPhone 4 Convert Combo

Seidio Convert Combo for iPhone 4
Formerly called Rugged Combo, this rugged case offers three layers of protection, a holster and screen protector. Manufacturer Seidio refers to this case as a "convertible case" (hence the name). For everyday use, you can simply slap on the first layer which is the Innocase II Surface. But when you need to be in a tougher or rugged conditions, then you can simply install the Rugged Skin or Skeleton. When you feel that you don't need the extra protection, you simply remove the Rugged Skin and Skeleton. This effectively removes the need for having multiple cases. One drawback is that it is not available for Verizon's iPhone.

Buy Seidio iPhone 4 Convert Combo Case for $29.95.

OtterBox Defender

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 4
OtterBox has established itself as one of the best manufacturer of iPhone accessories with its iPhone cases. The Defender series is definitely one of the most popular cases for the iPhone 4 and for good reasons. The Defender offers a sleeker look when compared with its 3G/3GS versions. You get an integrated screen protector, holster and an option belt clip. It looks great and it offers maximum protection for your device. Available in 8 different colors. Too bad its not compatible with the white iPhone.

Buy OtterBox Defender Case for $49.95.

Ivy Skin Quattro 4

Ivyskin Quattro 4 for iPhone 4
The Ivy Skin Quattro is one of the most popular case of the iPhone 3G/3GS, and now it seems that they have continued the tradition of excellence with Quattro 4. What makes Quattro 4 special is the fact it includes the manufacturer's signature Xylo Glass technology which allows for a Touch-Thru design. Being a touch-thru case makes it quite a big deciding factor for most people. Another case that has a great balance of protection and aesthetics.

Buy Ivy Skin Quattro 4 Case for $44.99 (Special Price).

iSkin Revo 4

iSkin Revo 4 for iPhone 4
If you want superior protection for your iPhone 4 without going bulky, then you should definitely check out iSkin Revo 4. This case features a two-tone design that gives an eye-catching accent to the border of the screen. The design of iSkin Revo 4 is highly ergonomic too. It comes in many different colors and has a neat removable hard plastic cover that's used in protecting the iPhone's screen. The removable hard plastic cover attaches quite easily into the back of the case.

Buy iSkin Revo 4 Case for $44.99.

Cygnett WorkMate

Cynette WorkMate for iPhone 4
If you are someone who's constantly under extreme conditions or have a very active lifestyle, then Cygnett's WorkMate should be more than enough for your needs. This particular iPhone case feature a double layered silicone combined with internal ribbing that protects your device from any impact or shock. While it does offer superior protection, it still allows you to access all functionalities of your device. Some people may find this case to be too bulky, which is why the manufacturer came up with WorkMate Pro which offers a great deal of protection without the bulk.

Buy Cygnett WorkMate Case for $24.95.

Ballistic Hard Core (HC)

Ballistic HC for iPhone 4
This bad boy of a case offers not one, not two but five layers of protection. You have built-in screen protector, ballistic shock absorbent polymer, impact resistant polycarbonate, another layer of ballistic shock absorbent polymer and an optional silicon outer layer. It also comes with a durable holster. This 5-layer protection allows peace of mind even when under the most extreme conditions. This case is such a popular product that the manufacturers are having a hard keeping up with the demands.

Buy Ballistic Hard Core (HC) Case for $29.99.

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