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Top 10 Recently Released Jailbreak Tweaks – July 2011

There are many reasons why people love to jailbreak their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but probably one of the biggest reason is customizability. There's always something very appealing about customizing every definable aspect of the iOS so that it works just the way you want it. As we all know, the ever stronger jailbreak community always come up with exciting new apps and tweaks in rapid succession. So today we will be highlighting the best jailbreak apps that was released just last month, July 2011. So if you haven't been keeping yourself in the loop for the latest jailbreak apps, then this is your chance to be updated.
Cydia Tweaks

JailbreakMe 3.0

JailbreakMe 3.0
Not exactly a tweak or an app but definitely one of the biggest releases last month and certainly one of the most highly anticipated. Jailbreak 3.0 is the latest jailbreak tool by famed developer Comex and is certainly one of the easiest, if not the easiest way to jailbreak your device. Another reason that makes this tweak cool however is the fact that it is the first ever working jailbreak for the iPad 2. The only caveat is that it only currently supports iOS firmware 4.3.3. If you want some help on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, then refer to this guide.


Callbar Jailbreak Tweak
Tired of intrusive incoming call screens that kicks you out of your applications and interrupts whatever it is that you are doing? Well this tweak is for you. CallBar turns your incoming call screens into an iOS 5 style notification interface which is absolutely non-intrusive. Callbar supports both phone calls and even Facetime. CallBar is compatible with all versions of the iOS, even the currently in beta, iOS 5.

CallBar is available in Cydia for $3.99.


If you have been an Android user then you are probably familiar with this popular tweak. Now Swype is now available for the iOS although not officially. So what does this tweak do? Basically, as its name implies, Swype lets you type on your device's virtual keyboard by merely swiping through every letters in order to form a word, all without ever having to lift your fingers. This way, inputting words in your iOS device is much faster and easier. Definitely a great time saver. And best of all it's free, you just need to add the Wynd Repo which is

Swype is available in Cydia for FREE.


Anicons Jailbreak Tweak
Another great tweak that was made available in Cydia last month. Basically Anicons adds the most important and frequently accessed settings toggles directly to your device's Springboard so you can access it more quickly instead of digging in the System Settings. Interacting with the toggles in your Springboard enables / disables the settings and this is shown by a neat special animation. For toggles such as 3G or WiFi, the button actually shows you an accurate signal strength.

Anicons is available in Cydia for $1.99.


SuperSlider Jailbreak Tweak
Yet here's another simple tweak that allows you to quickly access your favorite app and this time, from the lock screen. This tweak basically puts an Apple icon right next to the slide to unlock bar. This icon serves as a button that will launch your favorite application right from the lockscreen without the need for unlocking the screen. The button can be customized by navigating to the System Settings and assigning any application that you want. Another nice little tweak that can be quite the time saver.

SuperSlider is available in Cydia for FREE.


PasswordPilot Jailbreak Tweak
There was a time when buying from the App Store doesn't require you to enter your password each time you purchase an app because of the 15 minute window. But now, this is not the case anymore. Now each time you buy an app from the App Store you will need to enter your password every single time. This can be quite a hassle especially if you have long passwords. Now this tweak takes care of that. PasswordPilot automatically inserts your password each time the App Store asks for it. Find this tweak under FilippoBiga’s repo which is

PasswordPilot is available in Cydia for FREE.


Here's another cool tweak from Cydia that's clearly inspired by the classic jailbreak tweak Activator. It brings smart app launching to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Once installed, you can configure the  application icons from your Springboard and invoke them with dual app launching ability. For example, you can configure the iPod icon that when double-tapped it will play or pause the music. Or you can have Installous launch the Search function when double tapped. This tweak offer loads of new possibilities on how you can interact with your Springboard icons. Check the video above to better understand what this tweak can do.

Apptivator is available in Cydia for $2.00.


Twitkafly App Compose
Now here's something for the Twitter lovers. TwitkaFly lets you compose and send a tweet directly from the Springboard without having to open the Twitter app or client. And not only from the Home screen, through an activator gesture, you can summon the Twitter popup window where you can send your tweet from pretty much anywhere, even inside applications. Definitely a must have tweak for power tweeters. Find TwitkaFly under the BigBoss Repo.

TwitkaFly is available in Cydia for $1.99.


iStartupSound Jailbreak Tweak
Have you ever wanted to change the sound that plays when you boot up your iDevice? Well you're in luck because here comes iStartupSound, a jailbreak tweak that lets you add a custom jingle that plays each time you boot or respring your device. But take note that the custom sound actually plays after the Springboard has loaded. You can play any sound, music or even a recorded catchphrase by you. The files must be in .mp3, .wav, or .caf format. Definitely a cool tweak that adds another customizable aspect to your device.

iStartupSound is available in Cydia for FREE.


LabelSlide Jailbreak Tweak
Here is a lightweight tweak that gives you another way to customize your iDevice. Basically what LabelSlide does is it allows you to customize the text that appears in your lockscreen's "Slide to Unlock" bar. Admittedly, there are other tweaks that can achieve similar results but this Cydia tweak is worth a try if you are looking for a quick solution. You can enable / disable the tweak from the System Settings where you can also customize the text that appears in the "Slide to Unlock" bar.

LabelSlide is available in Cydia for FREE.

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