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These Are The New Leaders of Apple Inc. After Steve Jobs’ Resignation [Pictures]

Just yesterday, the tech industry was hit by a rather shocking and saddening news as former Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs announced that he will be formally resigning from his post. Apple fans all over the world was rather caught off-guard by the news especially during this time when people are highly anticipating the release of new Apple products such as the iPhone 5. With Jobs stepping down as the fruit company's CEO, one has to wonder, what happens to Apple now?

Steve Jobs
While Steve Jobs resigning is indeed big news, this shouldn't directly affect the customers of Apple. Even with Apple itself, there shouldn't be that big of a difference with the way Apple run things. Just after the announcement of Jobs' resignation, Apple was quick to elect former COO Tim Cook to replace the iconic CEO. Cook was the most suitable and expected candidate who was strongly recommended by Steve Jobs himself. When Jobs was under medical leave, it was pretty much Cook who have been left in charge of Apple's day to day operations.
Apple Executives
After Jobs' resignation, Apple is now "business as usual". If you are going to visit the company's Leadership page, you're going to see that it has now been updated to reflect the changes caused by Jobs' resignation. As you can see, Tim Cook is now of course the new CEO. Cook is followed by the rest of Apple executives such as Scott Forstall as Senior VP iOS Software, Jonathan Ive as Senior VP Industrial Design, Bob Mansfield as Senior VP Mac Hardware Engineering and Philip Schiller as Senior VP Worldwide Product Marketing.
Apple Board of Directors
Listed above are Apple's Board of Directors, which as you can see, still lists Steve Jobs as Chairman of the Board. While Steve Jobs won't be as active and involved as before when he was still CEO, he should still be able to provide his insights with regards to the direction of the company will be heading. Even without Steve Jobs at the helm, Apple should remain the same company which the fans know and love.

Steve Jobs will indeed be missed and Apple has certainly lost a true leader with a vision. With him at the helm, Apple has revolutionized the electronics industry with their Macs, iPhones and iPods. It still remains to be seen if Tim Cook will be able to fill in the void that was left by Jobs. Some would say that the iconic CEO is irreplaceable. But with the trust and confidence that was given by the fruit company and Jobs to Cook, Apple should be in good hands.

To view Apple's new Executive Profile page, click here.

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