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Talkatone App: Call Your Facebook Friends For Free From Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

In a world where social media is the norm, it would be an understatement to say that Facebook has been sweeping the world off its feet. Now, everyone and their mothers are on Facebook. Just last month, the social networking behemoth released a new chat functionality that allow group chats and video calls. The video call feature is powered by Skype but it is rather quite limited due to the fact that you can only use the feature on the desktop version of Facebook. But fret no more, because we have an app for you that will let you make voice calls to your Facebook friends even while on the go.

Talkatone Logo
The app in question is called Talkatone. This app lets the user make phone calls over 3G or WiFi using Google Voice. It is by no means a new app but it has been recently updated to bring one major feature, now you can call your Facebook friends for free. As of now, Talkatone will now allow you to call your friends in Facebook using VoIP over WiFi or 3G. In addition to that, you will also receive a free push notifications for Facebook Chat, which comes in handy if you've chosen to disable the Facebook SMS Notifications.
Talkatone App for iPhone
To start using the app, you simply need to download (iTunes download link below) and install the app. After that, you will simply have to setup your account using Facebook Connect. And that's it, you are now ready to call your Facebook friends for free by inviting them to talk.

There are some slight annoyances with the app though. First before your recipients can actually partake in your call invitation, they will need to make sure that they also have the Talkatone app installed. And once you have requested to call a friend in Facebook, this will appear in that person's wall with the following message: “<name of recipient>, I am calling you on Facebook from Talkatone. You can get it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and call me back for free.” This practice is quite a bit on the spammy side and can be annoying but what can you expect from an app that costs nothing?
Talkatone App for iPhone 2
Other key features of the app includes free SMS text messaging on iOS 4 devices over WiFi or 3G, high quality audio and real-time location sharing.

Sure there are other services such as Skype that lets you make voice calls over Facebook but what makes Talkatone stand out is that it doesn't consume cell minutes. This app relies on your data plan and as long as you have WiFi or 3G, you should be able to call your friends in Facebook. According to the developer of the app, Danis Dayanov:

In my ideal world phone numbers and cellular minutes will be obsolete.

Dayanov also relates that the app has been fairly successful with over 1.2 million downloads and about 150k+ daily active users. Now with Facebook integration, this will no doubt push the popularity of the app. Dayanov said that he is also planning to integrate video calling in the future. [via TechCrunch]

Download Talkatone app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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