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Skype for iPad Back in the iTunes App Store, Download it Now!

Two days ago, the much awaited iPad optimized version of Skype was released to the iTunes App Store but to the dismay of iPad owners, it was quickly pulled out of the store in mere hours for the reason that it was said to be "prematurely released". Unless you are one of the few who have gotten their hands on the app before it was removed, then you have sadly missed it. Well, until now that is. In case you are not aware, Skype for iPad was brought back into the App Store.

Skype for iPad
That's right folks, if you are an iPad owner who wanted to have a true Skype app for your device, not the pixelated version, then by all means get it from the App Store for free. From the app's official page:

Bring your Skype contacts closer with full screen video at your fingertips.

Beautiful and simple, this is Skype built especially for the iPad. Call, video call, or instant message anyone on Skype. Plus, if you add a little Skype Credit, call landlines and mobiles at really low rates.

Access free Skype features:

  • Talk face-to-face or show what you’re seeing with front and back-facing cameras.
  • Use Skype for iPad to call anyone else on Skype – and enjoy near CD quality (SILK) sound.
  • Instant message and add emoticons to personalize your messages.

Just like every version of Skype, the iPad app is for free but if you don't mind paying a little extra then you'll have access to extra features like being able to call mobiles or landlines for an affordable rate. With the paid version, you can also get an online number from Skype where people can call you from their mobile. You can either choose to pay through Skype Credit or using a monthly subscription.

As for the app itself, it looks great. And currently it's getting several positive feedbacks from many users. It seems to be the definitive Skype app that every iPad owner deserves in the first place.

Download Skype for iPad from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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