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RapidContact: Quickly Make Calls or Send SMS Using Gestures on Your iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

As you all know here in Jaxov, we love covering jailbreak tweaks that in our opinion is worth your time. Searching for tweaks in Cydia that you can use can be quite an overwhelming task considering the huge number of them that's available. Which is why we try our best to cover jailbreak tweaks that is either highly useful and can improve the user experience or it can provide a rather cool or unique feature. Now we have yet another jailbreak tweak for you that we're sure most people are going to find useful.

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Have you ever wanted a quick way to call your friend or co-worker without having to open your contact list and dig through it to look for their names? Or maybe you prefer to send your SMS text messages in a similar quick and hassle free way? There is no denying that the process of calling or sending text message in the iPhone can be quite a bit of a drag. We just got so used to it that most people don't seek for an alternate way. Well with this jailbreak tweak that we are about to introduce, one does not have to deal with the tedium that comes with calling or texting a contact.

Introducing RapidContact, the jailbreak tweak that enables the user to place a call or send text messages without having to launch the SMS or phone apps. Basically what this tweak does is that it lets you quickly make a call or send an SMS with the use of a touch gesture. Through Activator, you can set which gesture you can use in order to activate the tweak. When RapidContact is activated you will be able to type in the number of a contact and be given an option if you want to either call or text the number. On the settings of RapidContact, you can set a number which will be displayed by default once the tweak is activated. It saves you a few seconds if you want to call or text someone in a hurry.
RapidContact Jailbreak Tweak
Unfortunately, this particular jailbreak tweak is quite limited. The most notable drawback has got to be the fact that you can only set one "favorite" contact. If you are familiar of another popular jailbreak app BiteSMS, then RapidContact pales in comparison. In BiteSMS, it provides you with a short list of favorites which you can call or text instantly. With RapidContact, you can only do that with one contact which is certainly a downer.

But it would be unfair to compare the two, BiteSMS will cost you $9.99 in Cydia while RapidContact can be yours for free which counts as an advantage. With that said, RapidContact is a tweak for anyone who can't or not willing to spend for BiteSMS. It is watered down in terms of feature but what can you expect from a free tweak?

To install and start using RapidContact, you need to have your device jailbroken first. To help you, we have a couple of step-by-step instructions to help you out. If you are under iOS 4.3.5, then you can use our Redsn0w tethered jailbreak guide. If you however prefer to have untethered jailbreak, then we suggest you restore to iOS 4.3.3 and jailbreak your device using one of the following jailbreak tools: Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, PwnageTool and JailbreakMe (the easiest method).

RapidContact is available in Cydia under the ModMyi repo for FREE.

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