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Official Google+ App Now Available for iPad and iPod Touch, Download Now!

About two weeks ago, the official iOS app of Google+ went live. But it was a notable release because the app only supports the iPhone, meaning those who owned an iPad and iPod touch are once again left out in the cold. Well, good news for you who have been waiting for the Google+ app for your iPad and iPod touch, the app has now been updated to support your devices.

Google+ for iPad
Back in June when Google launched its new social networking website, iDevice owners are disappointed by the lack of accompanying mobile application. About three weeks later since its launch, the Google+ app was finally approved by Apple. But of course back then, it didn't have support for the iPad or iPod touch. But we did bring you a workaround that allows you to run the app on both devices.

With this update for Google+, aside from the mentioned support for the iPad and iPod touch, there have been some minor features added as well. With this version you can now customize the settings for +Huddle, Google+'s very own instant messaging client and as well as the addition of notifications for aggregated circles. All of these minor enhancements are applicable to all iOS devices. Unfortunately, it seems that the app is not fully optimized for the iPad.

All owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are encouraged to download the latest version of the Google+ app in order to ensure maximum usability of the app.
Google+ App for iPhone
Google+ is Google's latest effort to become relevant in the industry of social media. If anyone can recall, the search engine giant have launched Buzz and Google Wave before which were both considered to be a failure. Now with Google+, it seems that Google decided to take cues from existing social networking website such as Facebook and added their own twists in order to distinguish itself from the rest. Some of the most prominent features in Google+ includes +Circles, a feature which lets you easily sort your friends into groups and +Hangouts which is basically the social network's native group video chat. Updates of people from your circles can be easily viewed by following their "stream".

So far, so good for Google+. The social network was able to attract 10 million+ registrants in just about two weeks, making it the fastest growing social network to ever exist. A feat that is made even more impressive by the fact that it is not yet officially launched back then. Over the past weeks though, the social network's usage have been slowly declining.

Download Google+ App for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.

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