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New iOS 5 Concepts, Features We’d Love to See in the Final Version [Video]

As you all know, the next major release of Apple's mobile operating system the iOS 5 is already drawing near. Currently on its sixth pre-release version, the iOS 5 is largely expected to reach its final commercial release build next month. Boasting over 200+ new features which the fruit company highlighted during last June's WWDC, the iOS 5 is shaping to be the best version of the iOS yet. While at this point the iOS 5 is pretty much finalized in terms of features, many are still expecting new ones to be unveiled by Apple, by the time the mobile operating system is released to the public.

iOS 5
Considering how the Cupertino company has a knack for surprises and quite excellent at keeping secret product features remain secret, the possibility of the iOS 5 having a couple of yet-to-be-seen features is not much of a stretch. If anyone can recall, the iOS 4 is introduced by the company for the iPhone 3GS which is the latest smartphone model of Apple at that time. A couple of months later, new features that were built-in into the iOS 4 such as Facetime was unveiled which exclusively works for the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G and the iPad 2 which were new products back then.

Even though the iOS 5 is pretty much finalized at this point, it doesn't prevent Apple fans from creating concept designs for the upcoming mobile OS. Some of them can be very creative which makes us wish that they get included in the final build of iOS 5. And there are concept design that makes so much sense that one has to wonder why Apple hasn't implemented them yet. Now here's another iOS 5 concept design by Jan-Michael Cart via TheAppleDatabase YouTube channel which certainly shows some really interesting ideas that we wish would make it into the final iOS 5 build. Check out the video below:

This is one of those concept designs that makes you say, "this makes so much sense, I wonder why Apple hasn't implemented them yet." Some of the proposed additions from the video are geared towards taking a new iOS 5 feature and then expanding it in order to further improve the user experience. Some of the most notable proposed addition from the video includes the Persistent Notifications Badge, Third-party widget management, Collapsible Notifications and so on. The proposed additions to iOS 5 are actually quite a handful in this nearly 5-min video, so you might want to check it out for yourself to see all the goodies.

Unfortunately, not all of these neat additions from this concept design will ever make it to the final product. But then again, iOS users are still lucky to have a strong jailbreak community that can make some of these features a reality. Jailbreak developers have already expressed great interest in developing tweaks for the iOS 5 as evidenced by the number of releases for the platform as of late. This is especially true with the iOS's Notifications Center with tweaks like BBSettings and OmniStat.

The iOS 5 was first unveiled by Apple during the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference last June and is expected to be officially released to the public next month along with the announcement of the iPhone 5.

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