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Mobile Malware and Viruses: What You Need to Know [Infographic]

There is no doubt that mobile devices have seen a great deal of growth these past years. But along with the growth of mobile devices also comes the increasing instances of mobile virus or malware attacks. Earlier this month, we brought a report to you about a virus that plagues the Android platform which records phone calls and uploads them into a server. This is just one of the many viruses and malwares that plagued the Android platform in the past and as time goes on, they are only getting a lot worst.

Android Malware and Virus
Back in March, Google removed about 21 apps from the Android market that contained a handful of viruses which are said to be collecting data from the users. As a counter-measure, Google invoked a kill switch that automatically removes these app even without user intervention. When it comes to mobile viruses and malware, the Android platform seems to be getting the worst of it and it can only be attributed to its open-source nature.

But it is not only the Android which is at risk of mobile malwares, all platforms are vulnerable as well although to a lesser degree. As the risk of these mobile malwares and viruses increases, who's to say that your device won't be affected? That is why, it is important that we educate ourselves with regards to these malicious contents that could potentially infect our devices so that we also take measures in order to prevent and protect ourselves from them.

We won't bore you with the details on the current state of mobile malware by putting up an explicitly long writeup, but here's a very helpful infographic made by software company Bullguard. This infographic does a great job of explaining the current state of malwares that could potentially infect our devices. We highly recommend that you check it out.
State of Mobile Malware Infographic
[Source: BullGuard via Mashable]

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