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Lion Disk Maker: Create a Bootable DVD / USB Drive / SD Card of OS X Lion With This Software

As you all know for the past weeks, Mac users have been treated to a rather nice upgrade in the form of the Mac OS X Lion. Apple's new desktop operating boasts about 250+ new features and it was quite a huge success with users downloading it more than a million times on its first day of release. Unlike previous releases of the Mac OS X though, Lion is only available digitally which means that there are no physical discs that consumers can buy from a retail store. Mac OS X Lion is only available through the Mac App Store.

Mac OS X Lion Disc
For some people, the availability of OS X Lion through digital distribution only can be a real downer. While digital products are certainly the way of the future, there are still those who prefers to have physical copies of their software. The Mac OS X Lion can be quite a handful to download as the whole thing is sized at around 4GB. While it isn't a problem for people with uber-fast internet connections, it can be a problem to those who have a tad slower internet speeds or for those who have no internet at all.

Fortunately there's a new software that allows users to create a bootable dvd, USB flash drive or SD card of Mac OS X Lion through a highly streamlined process. The software that we are talking about is Lion Disk Maker which is developed by Guillaume Gete.

According to the main website of Lion Disk Maker:

Lion Disk Maker is a small application programmed with AppleScript that you can use with Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 to burn a DVD or build a bootable USB key from Mac OS X Lion’s Installation program.

As soon as you launch the application, it checks the presence of Mac OS X Lion Install in the /Applications folder, or tries to find one using Spotlight. Then, it proposes to build a DVD or create a USB bootable install disk.

Mac OS X Lion Flash Drive
So there you have it, for this software to work you just only need to make sure that you have all the necessary files of Lion that you have downloaded from the Mac App Store in the /Applications folder. And in addition to that of course, if you want to burn a disc, you need a writable DVD (single layer, 4,7 GB) and a SuperDrive. For a bootable disk, you will need a USB flash drive (4GB minimum), Firewire drive or an SD card.

Lion Disk Maker does however one little drawback: it will only work if you are working on a Mac with a pre-installed Mac OS X Lion. But still, as long as it is applicable in your situation, Lion Disk Maker should be a handy tool to have. And best of all, the software is absolutely free to download. Although you might want to consider donating if you like the software.

Download Lion Disk Maker from the official website.

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