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iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 for Windows and Mac Released by Apple for Developers

Clearly, along with the announcement of the next iPhone, Apple fans all over the world have been eagerly anticipating the final release build of the iOS 5. Currently on its sixth pre-release version, iOS 5 looks to improve upon the every aspect of Apple's mobile operating system as it offers 200+ new features. As you may have already known, Apple just pushed out iOS 5 Beta 6 for developers and as usual it is accompanied with an updated version of iTunes 10.5. iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 is now seeded for developers.

iTunes 10.5 Beta 6
As always, this version of iTunes 10.5 Beta is an absolute requirement if you are planning to upgrade to iOS 5 Beta 6. iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 won't be able to sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch if you are running iOS 5 Beta 5 and lower. So before upgrading to iTunes 10.5 Beta 6, make sure that you upgrade your firmware to iOS 5 Beta 6 through over the air updates or by downloading the corresponding IPSW. Along with the new iTunes beta version, Apple also rolled out Apple TV Software beta 5 and iWork for iOS beta 2.
iTunes 10.5 Beta 6
iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 is a software that's only accessible to those who have enrolled a developer's account over at Apple's iOS Dev Center. Which also means that it is the only legal way for anyone to access pre-release versions of iTunes or iOS betas for that matter. So how do you become a developer? It might sound a bit daunting but contrary to what you may think, the only requirement for a registered developer account is the annual fee. For a low price of $99 per year, not only will you be able to access beta builds of iOS but you will also be given the proper tools and documentations needed to start developing apps on your own. Even if you are not a developer in any sense, it is still a good investment for iOS enthusiasts.

If you are a developer, it is highly recommended that you upgrade to iOS 5 Beta 6 as soon as you can. Anyway in this case, there are no incentives in sticking to outdated software. This way you can also provide timely feedbacks to Apple which are beneficial for the overall improvement of iOS 5. If you are also developing an app, updating to the latest beta build will enable you to properly optimize your apps. It is likely that iOS 5 Beta 6 would be the last beta before the final public release of iOS 5.

This upcoming fall, Apple is surely going to once again shake the tech industry with the final build release of iOS 5 along with the next iPhone.

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 6 for Windows and Mac.

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