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iTunes 10.4.1 Now Available for Download for Windows and Mac OS [Direct Links]

As you may already know, the day that Apple finally releases the iOS 5 to the eager public draws to a close. While the Cupertino company works on iTunes 10.5 (the iTunes version required for iOS 5) which is currently under beta, it seems that Apple is not yet abandoning users who are currently using iTunes 10.4. Apple just rolled out a minor update for iTunes 10.4 dubbed as iTunes 10.4.1 and you can download it now.

iTunes 10.4
As stated, iTunes 10.4.1 update is hardly a major one but it does fix a number of annoyances that iTunes users were experiencing back in iTunes 10.4. One such annoyance is the difficulty to assign artworks to music and video files that are bought from the iTunes store. There have been reports as well of third party keyboards that works inconsistently with iTunes 10.4, so that was addressed as well for this update. Other problems that were addressed includes the unresponsiveness of the program when purchasing a HD movie, issues with VoiceOver support and the one where the program takes too long to launch after waking the Mac from sleep.
iTunes 10.4.1 Update
For Windows users, iTunes 10.4.1 also comes with an updated version of QuickTime which now stands at 7.7. QuickTime 7.7 is also expected to have minor enhancements in terms of security, performance and stability of the program.
iTunes 10.4.1 Update Prompt
To install this software update for iTunes, simply launch iTunes and the program should notify you that an update is available, so just select "Download iTunes" when prompted. The update should not take more than a few minutes on a decent internet connection. As an alternative you may also update by downloading the installation files of version 10.4.1 through the links that we have provided below. iTunes 10.4.1 may only be an incremental update with minor changes, it is still highly recommended that you update as soon as you can since it provides a number of bug fixes which can definitely improve your experience while using the software. Unless of course, you enjoy using outdated software.

iTunes 10.4 was pushed out by Apple a little more than a month ago and just a few days after the Mac OS X Lion was officially made available to the general public. iTunes 10.4 is the first ever version of the software that is fully optimized to work with Lion which features a new interface and the ability to view the app at 100% full screen. In addition to that with version 10.4, iTunes has officially became a 64-bit Cocoa application on OS X Lion.

iTunes 10.4.1 Direct Download Links:

Download iTunes 10.4.1 for 64-bit Windows.
Download iTunes 10.4.1 for 32-bit Windows.
Download iTunes 10.4.1 for Mac OS.

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