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iPhone 5 to be Available for Pre-Order by the End of September, Launching in October

There is no doubt that the next generation iPhone is one of the most highly anticipated multimedia gadget these days. If you have been paying attention to the news about the tech industry for the past months, then you'll know that there have been a plethora of rumors concerning the iPhone 5. Especially now that the expected launch date fast approaches, it's time to for another rumor regarding the next iPhone. And this one concerns the date when the iPhone becomes available for pre-ordering.

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According to a report by 9to5Mac, they have heard from a source that Apple has plans to make the next-gen iPhone available on the 7th of October, a release date which is actually in-line with previous reports. According to the source, the Cupertino company is still in the process of deciding between two release dates for the iPhone 5, which is either October 7th or October 14. But the good thing is, the latest stages of the next generation iPhone's pre-mass-production is said to be coming along nicely so it is likely that Apple will opt for the 7th of October release. And unlike the iPad 2, Apple is planning to make the next iPhone available for pre-orders.

So when can we possibly place our pre-orders for the iPhone 5? According to the report, Apple's next smartphone hit is most likely to be available for pre-order during the last week of September. The fruit company is allegedly still on the process of finalizing the starting date for pre-orders. But two dates seems to be the likely possibility: September 29th which is a Thursday and September 30th which of course falls on a Friday. According to the sources, Apple will probably settle with September 30. Apple's fall event will also be taking place in September which should be a good time for the company to officially announce the iPhone 5.
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If that's the case, one has to ask a burning question: Will Apple launch one or two iPhones? If you have been keeping tabs on the iPhone 5 rumor mill, then you should know that there have been several reports that Apple is planning to release two iPhones this year. Past reports indicates that Apple will be launching a low-end iPhone which will cater to developing markets and to those with lower budgets. It is said to be pretty similar to the iPhone 4 but with minor hardware upgrades and changes to the design. The iPhone 5 of course will be the successor to the iPhone 4 and will the higher end product between the two. The next iPhone is said to be have an A5 chip processor, 8 megapixel camera and comes preloaded with iOS 5.

As we approach the month of September, the excitement for the next generation iPhone builds up. There's no telling if the iPhone will indeed be available on October 7th since it will likely to be changed again. As usual, Apple stays mum with regards to the issue but it should be safe to assume that they will be making the announcements next month. [via 9to5Mac]

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